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I have 1 year of experience with Hottest party in town skills in Thibodaux, LA. I also have 1 year of experience with Getaway from work skills, 1 year of experience with Live Your Fantasy skills all of which I also do in the Thibodaux, LA area.
My education and credentials include No experiece necassary, for ladies at least 18 wanting to fun.

Profile Summary:
Hottest party in town Thibodaux, LA
Getaway from work Thibodaux, LA
Live Your Fantasy Thibodaux, LA
lingerie, lotions, laughter Thibodaux, LA
My Skills

Hottest party in town

Category: Event / Party Planning
Get ready to host the hottest party in town! Slumber Parties will help you get your friends together for an entertaining evening no one will want to miss.

This isn’t your traditional girls’ night out! Slumber Parties offers unique events that everyone will enjoy. Your guests will have a great time learning and laughing with us. They won’t be able to stop talking about the fun they had or the products they saw. Your party is sure to be a hit!
Relevant Education / Credentials
No experiece necassary, for ladies at least 18 wanting to fun
Years Experience: 1

Getaway from work

Category: Consulting
When was the last time your boss sent you on a Hawaiian getaway? Wouldn't you love a job that gives you the freedom to vacation whenever you want? Wouldn't it be even better if your company bought you the tickets?

Every Slumber Parties distributor has the opportunity to earn incredible prizes such as cash, products and even trips!

Get away from work as you know it with a Slumber Parties career. Your job has never been so rewarding.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Ladies 18 and older no experience necessary
Years Experience: 1

Live Your Fantasy

Category: Marketing / Sales
Let your imagination run wild! Whatever you can dream, Slumber Parties can help you achieve.

At a Slumber Party, you will find exactly what you need to satisfy your desires. Our specialized products will help you spice up your bedroom, fulfill your dreams and live your fantasies.

Let us teach you how to open up communication in your relationship. We will help you become more comfortable expressing your needs to yourself and your partner. Share, explore and experience love in a whole new way with Slumber Parties.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Ladies only must be 18, no expereince required
Years Experience: 1

lingerie, lotions, laughter

Category: Relationships
Through laughter, tears, joys and fears, you and your friends have shared a lot together. But, all of your experiences and adventures have been lacking one thing...Slumber Parties.

Slumber Parties offers an entertaining evening of demonstrations and education on bedroom toys and accessories. At a party you can try on lingerie, taste and touch various lotions, learn about our extensive product line and socialize with the girls.

Reconnect with your friends in this unique setting
Relevant Education / Credentials
Ladies only must be 18
Years Experience: 1