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I have been riding horses since The age of 5 years old and I've decided to pass on my knowledge. I also have y own trainer. I don't believe anyone should train with a trainer who believes they cannot improve their skills any further. I specialize in a cross between dressage and hunter/jumper. I teach my riders to communicate with their horse through their seat and legs instead of cranking on their horse's mouth. I do this in a calm environment without any yelling. I instruct on well trained show horses that will perform beautifully when their rider gives the queue's correctly.

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Horseback Riding Lessons Kingsland, GA
Horse Training Kingsland, GA
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Horseback Riding Lessons

Category: Sports / Recreation
HIGHER STRIDES Offering quality horseback riding lessons. Learn the basics through show quality riding. You will learn a better way to communicate with horses through body position and seat. No yanking, pulling, kicking or yelling. You will train on show horses that need no training. So if you're tired of feeling like you have to train the lesson pony you're riding, come ride with us. We train slowly and correctly. No short cuts or rushing. Family environment with a drive for success.
$4o per hour
$140/4 lessons
$125 - 4 group lessons (no refunds)
After School Program
(pickup and drop off)
$160 - once a week (private)
$125 - once a week (group) - no refunds
$250 - twice a week (private)
$200 - twice a week (group) - no refunds

Horses show in First Coast Hunter/Jumper series. Horses are available for show for $145 (price includes class and on site training fees).
Please call us: 912-674-8857
Can visit you and your horse also. $5 trip fee for GA, $10 for FL.

Must be at least 7 years old. Group lessons only available for intermidiate to advanced riders.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 25

Horse Training

Category: Training
Offering quiet and calm training. We take the process slow to make sure that no corners are cut and important lessons are not skipped. From ground work to finishing. Most skills offered
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 20