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Keely Donovan

I'm a good horse women, growing up in an animal rich family, dogs, cats, fish, birds, snakes, rodents, frogs, and any other animal including any strays that need food. My father trains dogs (owned a wolf mix), my sister works at a vet clinic, and my mother spending every summer as a girl on a farm. I have to say I love training all my animals, but horses are my souls true love.

I started loving horses when I was up at the Calgary stampede when I was three, ever since it's all I think about, I started riding, then their was no stopping me, smoothing out all the kinks in my first horse only four years later (fear of what, was swimming by summers end). I lost my girl to cancer and found the filly in the picture, at the time it was taken she was just three and she will be eight this year. She was a trip and a half, from kicking rearing and biting, she would corner you in the stall and she spooked at her own winter blanket. She was untrained, not handled and down right dangerous. We walked her around with two lead lines and two handlers, one with a chain. She was a wild horse that had never been told no, or bin given a chance... Well she found me. The little filly that everyone thought would kill me, sleeps with kittens in the hay and walks with only a flick of the ear with a screaming three year old on her back.

OK so I think I talked about my KD girl enough, what do you think?

My training Methods, I started looking into training using pat perelli, when I went to a training program with my brand new wild KD I was insulted and abused. Told that the only reason I bought the horse was because of her looks, not really the case, (if you want that story ask). So I took what I learned and moved on watching and working with others. I work with commonsense and informed ideas on natural horsemanship, with a little of my own flavor. I do free trials, once you decide, that is when we discuss payment and price per session.

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Horse Training Ellicott City, MD
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Horseback riding, horse training, reading, writing, History, Kids, family
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I don't have an official Resume, but here is a little background,

-Started riding at eleven
-Leased my first horse (Dusty) at twelve
-Save Dusty's life, found rotten tooth
-Bought the Dusty at thirteen
-Worked Dusty through vises, (running off, fear of water) finished by summer
-Dusty passes from cancer at late fourteen
-Futs around with other peoples horses
-Starts working with horse with bucking and run away problem, Sadly against medical advise and my own the owner decides to work him through a stifle problem, officially ruining the horse, had to walk away, sadly
-Finds KD (QH, Palomino) Starts working as a barn hand for training lessons, still fourteen
-Fifteen works in camp as counselor and training horses
-Moves to other barn, still working hard with KD though her ground manners are impeccable Winter of Fifteen
-Starts doing minor behavior modifications in some horses and a yearling filly late winter and early spring of fifteen
-Moves yet again, personal issues, against the wishes of a great trainer I had just won over to my confidence,spring fifteen, (wish I could find the trainer, huh... moving on)
-Leases Own Three stall barn- falls ill- sixteen
-Move back to original barn (yeah home again)Fall sixteen
-Works as full time barn manager for a theraputic horse facility, on and off for a year.- sixteen
- Worked as barn hand on and off up to now
- Took schooling classes, on and off for all of history
-Have been working with TRRC for history on and off
-Been working with several different privately owned horses and their kids, with behavior issues, the horses not the kids, at least you didn't hear that from me... no I'm kidding, all the kids I work with love me, other wise I wouldn't want to work with them, for their sakes.
-Since seventeen, I've been idling, but lately I've been itching to get back to work, this spring I will be 20 and my horse eight, So I want to get back into actual training, not just helping here and their with borde
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Riding and training Classes
Attending college for History
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Keely Donovan is located in Ellicott City, MD and has the following skills: Horse Training
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Horse Training

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I will work with your horse and you, on a natural and trust biulding training program that will leave both of you with the feeling that you could walk into hell with each other and come out walking. I would on a fondation of Herd ideas, and trust. It's worked for my horse, who will walk blind folded to her stall and anywhere else I ask her. If you don't beleive me come see.
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9 years of training, 8 years of intence training
Years Experience: 9