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I have 9 years of experience with Homemaker/Care giver skills in Plainville, MA. I also have 1 year of experience with Elder Care skills, 23 years of experience with Babysitter/Nanny skills all of which I also do in the Plainville, MA area.
My education and credentials include High School Education.

Profile Summary:
Homemaker/Care giver Plainville, MA
Elder Care Plainville, MA
Babysitter/Nanny Plainville, MA
Pet Care Plainville, MA
My Skills

Homemaker/Care giver

Category: Home / Domestic
All kinds of cleaning, organizing, errands, etc.
Relevant Education / Credentials
High School Education
Years Experience: 9

Elder Care

Category: Home / Domestic
Take care of elderly
keep them safe
drive to doctors appt.
Relevant Education / Credentials
CPR & First Aid certified
Years Experience: 1


Category: Childcare
Will do babysitting, play dates,
take to parks, etc.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Have two grown kids of my own
Years Experience: 23

Pet Care

Category: Nature / Animals
Walk, feed, babysit
Relevant Education / Credentials
I've had animals for over 30 years
Years Experience: 20