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I am an 18 year old Highschool Student. I graduate in June, and am trying to come up with ways like making these crayons to get money to help me pay for online schooling to become a Veternarian Assistant and to help pay my bills. I have a HUGE heart for animals, and believe me when I say HUGE. I have 16 dogs and 20 cats all rescues. I hope to one day build and open more no kill animal shelters in my area and also become a Veternarian and contribute my time to animal shelters in my area that do not have a Veternarian on site especially needed.

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Homemade Crayon Chunkies Rockwell, NC
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Homemade Crayon Chunkies

Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
They are basicly crayons, made into a shape yet better because they are thicker and easier to hold.

All are homemade, in a smoke free, pet free home.

No two are fully alike.

Weigh between 1.5 oz to 3 oz.

Colors Available: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, Brown, Grey, Skin Color, and even White.

Shapes Available: Circle, Square, Rectangle, Hexagon.

All are made from non-toxic crayons.

Perfect for helping teach your child their shapes and colors.

You dont have to worry about those tiny crayons or even jumbo ones easily breaking.

Great to give away as a stocking stuffer or other holidays, classroom gift (ex. valentines), for a friend who is having a baby for when they become a toddler, birthday gift, or a party favor.

Great for on the go parents, keep them in your purse or bag for restraunts, grandma's house, at home, at church, out shopping.
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