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I am 26 years old. My friend and I are trying to get our new business up and running. We provide an Adult Alternative to getting home maintenance responsibilities taken care of. We wear either outfits (costumes), lingerie or bikinis depending on what you prefer to get your odd ball jobs done but with bonus entertainment.

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Homecare Hotties York, PA
Adult Alternative to Homecare Responsibilities York, PA
Adult Cleaning/ "Jills of all trades" York, PA
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Homecare Hotties

Category: Home / Domestic
We are an inventive up and coming new business venture. My friend Maria and I are offering an adult alternative to homecare responsibilities. We are willing to wear outfits, bikini's or lingerie as we clean your home. We do not do nude cleaning, so please don't ask. Serious Inquiries only please.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Combined cleaning experience of 15 years.
Years Experience: 3

Adult Alternative to Homecare Responsibilities

Category: Services
We are prepared to mow the lawn, wash your automobile, interior painting, stenciling, borders, spackling... etc.
Relevant Education / Credentials
We've been providing these services for 5+ years
Years Experience: 5

Adult Cleaning/ "Jills of all trades"

Category: Miscellaneous
This is a service designed to be an adult cleaning/ "handywomen" type of thing. We wear outfits, lingerie, or even a bikini. NO nude services, so please don't ask. We are ab;e to do a lot of things pertaining to home care responsibilities. In example~ mowing the lawn, cooking, dusting, vacuuming, interior painting, drywall, spackling, borders, stenciling, washing your automobile... etc.
Relevant Education / Credentials
We have been doing these jobs minus the outfits for around 5 years. The outfits/lingerie are a new aspect of this business.
Years Experience: 5