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Currently living and working in two states. Expanding my business, and enjoying the best of what the Puget Sound region and what Western Montana have to offer.

Profile Summary:
Home Inventory Specialist Seattle, WA
Hospitality Management Seattle, WA
Content Writing, biz promotional content Seattle, WA
My Skills

Home Inventory Specialist

Category: Home / Domestic
A home inventory is an essential to protecting your assets from loss to from fire, and theft.

Also essential to insure you are fully covered.

Be prepared, be able to document and prove the value of what you have. Essential for people who have recently remodeled their home.

Archive important documents for legal, financial, or sentimental reasons. Priceless photographs can be scanned, corrected for damage, discoloration, and preserved digitally.

Special services for property managers and landlords to keep up with the their properties and protect their investment.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Over two years experience in the home inventory field. Additional experience helping businesses manage their paper, and paper storage needs.
Years Experience: 3

Hospitality Management

Category: Hospitality
Extensive experience in the hotel industry where I have been successful in developing new training programs.

Making employees duty and responsibility assignments less labor intensive.

Reducing costs to hotel operations, often without any new cost to the hotel itself.

Developed a 100% digital billing system. Reducing operational costs, and reducing payment times by 6 days on average.
Relevant Education / Credentials
4 years experience with front desk, and front desk management. Additional 6 years experience in a hotel accounting invironment.
Years Experience: 10

Content Writing, biz promotional content

Category: Writing / Journalism
The ability to reach your target market and hold their attention long enough for your name and message to sink in is critical.

Never use too many words, and stick to a narrow focus.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Experience writing content for web sites and sales ads. Development of flyers and brochures that are proven effective at reaching the target market.
Years Experience: 3