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I have 8 years of experience with Home Inspector skills in Minneapolis, MN.
My education and credentials include Certified Home Inspector CHI, from Home Inspection Foundation.

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Home Inspector Minneapolis, MN
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Home Inspector

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Online requests receive a $25 discount off of the usual price.
The inspection can be scheduled to take place as early as same day or tomorrow. Also can be scheduled any time in the next 2 weeks.
Most inspections take a full 3 ½ hours and are done 9-noon or 1-4 PM and are based on the Standards of Practice of of the American Society of Home Inspectors.
Your inspector is a Certified Home Inspector (CHI) who has been inspecting homes in Minnesota for over 8 years. Your inspector is a Registered Home Inspector with the Housing Inspection Foundation.
A full 16 page computerized report with digital photos of the problem areas will be ready for delivery the same day of the inspection.
We encourage buyers to be at the inspection for the last 1 hour of the inspection but are welcome to be there for the entire inspection.
There may be a cheaper inspection available to you but, there is not a better inspection available to you.
1/10th of 1 percent is a wise expense to be secure in making the biggest investment you will ever make, the cost of a new home.
(Distance, same day service, forclosures or age of home (1940 or older), may effect discount.
Please call to schedule a time, 612-927-5854
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified Home Inspector CHI, from Home Inspection Foundation
Years Experience: 8