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Custom Signs designed by two Moms’. We make custom Boards, Letter Blocks and Seasonal Ornaments for your home.

We both come from years of financial/sales background. We always exceeded our company’s expectations, bringing the highest level of customer service to you.

Unfortunately, we were two of the many that lost our corporate jobs over the last year to company closure. We then wondered, now what do we do?

Although the situation we were put in was stressful, we loved the fact that we could now be at home with our children. The idea started in a garage. Jami was making boards that read, “Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times” She sold a number of them to friends and family, and the word just kept spreading. From this, we knew that having a unique style and design, and the love to decorate, sometimes makes up an important part of life celebrations. Her idea, our time, a lot of hard work and Say It With Design was born.

Our company creates products for people of all ages who want to add a little bit of fun to their home, office, or any other space you may have. They make great gifts for ALL occasions. We have specialty signs for all holidays. We are represented in 50 states and have touched so many lives. All of our products you will find are Handmade, from start to finish, by the two of us. We do not mass-produce our products. To ensure you receive the best possible product, we do not produce any items until we receive an order.

We feel chosen and blessed to be able to do this. In the end, each day we marvel at the number of people we have had the privilege to reach through our work. We have been friends for years so it is no surprise to anyone that we are in business together. As mom's, we wanted to offer other parents the same distinctive products that we would want for our homes. We represent our product with pride and have selected each one with much thought. We also accept custom orders for customers who would like something specific

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