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I Offer Massage Sessions & Lessons Hi I'm Walter
I'm experienced and Educated in Both Eastern & Western Modalities of massage.
As a true New-Age-Healer I'm ever Seeking the privilege to train-up- others who are Sincerely Seeking towards knowing' the Values and importance of Massage as-a Medical treatment.
To remind them & myself of how impotent the movement and qualities of our energies are. If we wish to have the ability to grow, change, adjust and recover.

After 17years of research and practice of Swedish/Esalen and Eastern Shiatsu, authoring a 400 page Wellness Gide book & 1,000 + hr. of Eastern Clinical/Western Spa style or(General wellness Massage.
I'm ready to reveal My Hypothesis on the art of Holistic Touch) the perfect blend of East & West I Call {WE-May}.

Profile Summary:
Home buielding & carpentry. Bloomfield, CT
Welness trainer Bloomfield, CT
Wellness consaltent Bloomfield, CT
Information & resourses Bloomfield, CT
Orthdox member of Hinduisum Clergy Bloomfield, CT
More About Me
Now that I have been well-versed in the intricacies of professionalism in performing Spa, Medical & Clinical Massage therapies.
I'd like to invite new friends to' #1. join "The Bloomfield Massage Therapy Meetup Group!
One of my Free daily on-line & Monthly hands-on Tutorials.
An Educational forum for those (Sincerely Interested) in discovering
the Vastness of the healing Potentials that are in the Virtues-deed of creating and relaying/transferring’ the energies of Mind, Body Spirit & the Cosmic forces as-One, on another’s behalf. Once they are moved into harmony and Balance and then-Manipulated. It’s a thing of Beauty
Is it time you learned to Create
Direct and to manipulate the Dynamic Life changing forces that are Omnipresent
and moving in and around you all the time? Simply waiting for your conches direction’ing. Those of a Quality and nature that Naturally move the body towards better health? If So Call Me Walter A.K.A Shaktimanah) at (860)-836-7539 For Privet Sessi
Couples are Encouraged' Demonstration Seminars are available for privet or Group work. “Check Me out” Smooth-Sailing & happy trails-everybody Walter... .Also PLZ. See my free new
New age Web-Site at "" Weekly Pool-House gatherings begging on Memorial day...* Thank you all Walter…
Work Experience:
The Chinese say that when the Mind, Body and Spirit move as one (We May’) do
"Embody the truth.”

Rear is the knowledge of the Tools & Skills needed for developing and re-creating the listing/Healing-Cosmic/Energetic Connection (s), but it is there for those who know how to approach it.
i.e. to deliver the Therapeutic Experience, A Sacred, safe, comfortable Space, A Holistic (Healing-Touch.
And the elements of a Creative/Productive life style, habits, Attitudes, Life-Experience and experience of life. It requires Wisdom and practice, more than wealth to create fulfillment in ones life!
It’s not normally thought/learned in Schools as a Curriculum.
Because’ it is Often through the Ancient Indigenous Rites, rituals & Customs of our Ancestors is where it is best learned how to Honor them, God the Creation, our other Beloved, and ourselves.
Now more than ever before’ we all need to be performing at our optimum for ourselves and for providing support to others.
Time is a luxury to no Man!
The Only-Caviot w/Me is'.
That I need you to understand that this (is not) a Tickle contest'
you must respect that Massage with or around Me (is of Respectful Intimacy only)
That is’ I am Of the School of thought that Hanki-panky plays no part in Performing True' Holistic touch..
Don't Go there!_____
Organizations / Affilations:
Mastering the Body-Mechanics of at 45-60 &90% angels (Stacking the bones) While performing treatments i'll teach you.
Your working knowledge of the Anatomy I'll see you through too that.
The Professional Ethics of the Massage Industry, you'll get the most modern books..
All the Reading Resources needed I'll Shear mine & show you what to buy (used).
Massage is the art of making the days of your life-more pleasant & memorable experiences! It is said that "Safety and Comfort is are Opulence in them self"
“That massage adds Luxury into one’s lifestyle”
Walter C is located in Bloomfield, CT and has the following skills: Home buielding & carpentry., Welness trainer, Wellness consaltent, Information & resourses, Orthdox member of Hinduisum Clergy
Therapy, Religious / Spiritual, Consulting, Beauty / Style, Health / Fitness
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My Skills

Home buielding & carpentry.

Category: Therapy
Active-Graceful passive & assisted movement in a state of Cosmic,Physical,& mental Alchemy.
Relevant Education / Credentials
1,300 hours massage training Wellness Author Life coach & fitness trainer.
Years Experience: 1

Welness trainer

Category: Health / Fitness
slow, easy, any age stuff focused as- much-on self-empowering Mindfulness, as working.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Anatomy, Physiology, Kinniesiology High School & College athlete.
Years Experience: 15

Wellness consaltent

Category: Consulting
Things that can be thought/shared without hands on guidance, I offer correspondence instructions usually free. see my New New-age Web Site at
Relevant Education / Credentials
My book "Romancing the Soul " Is basically a journal of my relevant lifetime of the Metaphysical world of beyond the physical potentials of mankind.
Years Experience: 15

Information & resourses

Category: Beauty / Style
Hundreds of How to make them your self cosmetic formulas and how to home Based Business Ideas to help you promote or start home based Businesses.
Relevant Education / Credentials
book reading, and practice in an industry that works closely and in conjunction with Aroma therapy. & Chinese-Herbs.
Years Experience: 20

Orthdox member of Hinduisum Clergy

Category: Religious / Spiritual
Teaching one the fundamentals of the entering into and exiting from sacred space is often the thermostat of success for every good intention(S).
Relevant Education / Credentials
The Brahminical Science of self & God realization.
Years Experience: 25