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Staff of Life Nutrition Consulting

“I am a board Certified Holistic Health Counselor with specializations in Holistic Nutrition, Emotional Eating, and Food Allergies. In working with over 200 clients in the past 8 years, I have developed an approach that combines counseling, coaching, and open communication to help empower you to reach your peak performance in your health and life goals. We use food as the means to achieving your goals; We work together to find which are the right foods for YOU to eat in order for you to perform at your best, to feel great, and to be happy. We use creative dialogue to work on improving your motivation, self image, confidence, and self-empowerment so that YOU can become the leader of YOUR own destiny. We work on establishing lifestyle habits that are ultimately aligned with your personal and health goals so that YOU are in greater control over your life. I do not "teach" so much as I "facilitate you in learning" the principles and concepts about health and wellness we discuss. You BECOME EMPOWERED TO MAKE EDUCATED CHOICES ABOUT THE FOOD YOU EAT and how to get the absolute most out of your health, and your life.”

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Holistic Nutrition Consultant; Emotional Eating Orlando, FL
Holistic Nutrition Consultant Orlando, FL
Food Allergy Consultant Orlando, FL
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Staff of Life Nutrition Consulting is located in Orlando, FL and has the following skills: Holistic Nutrition Consultant; Emotional Eating, Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Food Allergy Consultant
Consulting, Motivation / Inspiration, Health / Fitness
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Holistic Nutrition Consultant; Emotional Eating

Category: Health / Fitness
“I believe that each person is different, with different needs, goals and dreams. I design a program to meet those individual needs and show my clients how to achieve their goals. No two programs will ever be identical. I do not believe in drugs, invasive surgery, or ‘fad diets’. My approach is rooted in natural law, combined with scientific information and is intuitively applied. I truly believe in the divine healing quality of the body and the strength of the human spirit. My obligation is to my clients and what is best for them.”
Relevant Education / Credentials
AADP, 2+ years college-level nutrition training
Years Experience: 8

Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Category: Health / Fitness
Not Your "Conventional" Unconventional Nutritionist!

There are three main principles to my approach:

1) Treat each client as an individual and empower them to achieve their own unique health and personal goals.

2) Gather information about each client's relationship with food using creative dialogue, food journaling, and sophisticated food sensitivity testing in order to create the most comprehensive individual nutritional protocol possible.

3) Show the client how to use the tools that can help them achieve their goals through verbal guidance, literature and program books, weekly activities, and in-person instructional events.

No Diets! No Boxed Food! No Bottles of Supplements! Just Real Food For Real People!

Learn to love food again!
Relevant Education / Credentials
AADP, 2+ years college-level nutrition training
Years Experience: 8

Food Allergy Consultant

Category: Consulting
From the desk of the Founder, Michael Joseph, AADP:

“One of the most exciting things that I have been able to incorporate into my practice is the ELISA IgG mediated food allergy testing from one of the most sophisticated and advanced laboratories in North America. This Lab is fully automated and strict when it comes to quality control. A Delayed Onset Food Allergy is a kind of immune response to food that happens anywhere from 2 hours to 4 days following the consumption of an offending food. Many diagnosed ailments with seemingly no identifiable cause can be related to a delayed food allergy, such as: Arthritis, Asthma, IBS, IBD, Eczema, Rashes, Anxiety, Ear Infections, Dermatitis, Acid Reflux, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Polycystic Ovaries, Diabetes, Depression, Water Retention, and Weight Gain. With a simple 15 minute test where I would take just three droplets of blood we can determine which of over 90 foods would be causing an immune reaction in your body. Then through the course of my 90 DAY FOOD ALLERGY ASSESSMENT PROGRAM we will create a rotation diet that focuses on eliminating or reducing the offending foods and incorporating a greater variety of foods that do not cause a reaction. For every food we eliminate, we will find at least 4 replacements. I will also teach you how to shop, prepare, and cook all of the new foods so you can ease into your new healthier lifestyle with a passion for food again. This hands on approach to empowering my clients into greater health and wellness has proven to be immensely successful and I strongly recommend that everybody take this test and do this program!”
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 6