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In 1999 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic migraines and severe depression and so began my journey into a very dark and lonely place. For 6 years I was a prescription "zombie" taking over 22 pills a day and spending most of my days lying in bed in a pool of my own tears. I was barely able to function without assistance and a life outside my house was almost nonexistant. Even with the love and support of my husband and family, I was in a desperate place. I had gained over 100lbs in a year, my friends had abandoned me and I felt like a worthless burden to the world. As I had always been an active, self confident and strong person, these chronic illnesses had brought me to my knees. I was beaten and ready to end it all.....

I was always researching for cures, anything to alleviate the torture. I made a conscious decision in May of 2005 to find a way to get well. I found an alternative doctor who helped me wean off the drugs and added supplementation, detoxification, acupuncture and other therapies. By Novemeber of 2005 I was pharmaceutical free and so began my journey back to health. My recovery was so profound that I wanted to learn as much as I could to help other people suffering in the dark and lonely place of "chronic illness" and so I went back to school at the age of 50. I got my life back and started a whole new career!

The philosophy of my practice is to"take control of your own health"! I support my clients mind, body and spirit and guide them on their journey! I give them the tools and the encouragement but it is up to the individual to follow through. There is nothing more rewarding to me than to see a client enjoying life again!

I continue to learn and grow as a practitioner and as a person and I am grateful for my journey into the darkness for it has made the light now, so much brighter!

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Holistic Health Practitioner Columbia, MO
Limbic Stress Assessment (LSA) Operator Columbia, MO
Fibromyalgia Expert Columbia, MO
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Natural Health, Alternative therapies, Flower essances, homeopathy, Laws of the Universe, Spirituality, Reading, Writing, Public Speaking,
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NANP, ACHS Alumni, Numedica, ZYTO, Natures Sunshine, Barlow Herbal, Anabolic Labs, Energique, HPSO, SelfGrowth,
Pamela Heyen is located in Columbia, MO and has the following skills: Holistic Health Practitioner, Limbic Stress Assessment (LSA) Operator, Fibromyalgia Expert
Health / Fitness
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My Skills

Holistic Health Practitioner

Category: Health / Fitness
Consult with clients to help them achieve mind, body and spirit balance using natural remedies and therapies.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Holistic Practitioner Certification from Australasion School of Health Sciences located in Portland, Oregon.
Years Experience: 1

Limbic Stress Assessment (LSA) Operator

Category: Health / Fitness
Everything in the Universe is energy and vibrates at a specific vibrational frequency. The LSA technology uses these vibrational frequencies to detect stressors in the body's organs & systems. Clients place their hand on the LSA Hand Cradle at which time a specific vibrational frequency request is sent. The body's response to that vibrational frequency establishes any stressors and then recommends a specific personalized remedy .to bring those stressor back into balance. The body's ability to communicate with this program empowers the client with knowledge they can use to take control of their health and promote wellness.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified LSA Pro operator Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Years Experience: 2

Fibromyalgia Expert

Category: Health / Fitness
Specialize in chronic illness fibromyalgia. Encourage and support client to take control of their health related symptoms using natural remedies and therapies.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Australasian School of Health Sciences, Portland, Orgeon Personal Experience
Years Experience: 6