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Detroits Prhyme


Prhyme has been described as “the female Biggie” in entertainment circles. Originally from Detroit, and now residing in DC, she is making a buzz in the rap industry using her superior lyrical talent, and unforgettable presence.

Currently Prhyme is working on a variety of projects with a variety of different artist and promotional groups in DC, Baltimore, New York, Atlanta, the Carolinas and San Francisco. Ranging from recording and releasing mix cd’s and collaborations, to performing local shows and festivals. Prhyme performed and was also a judge for the Upliftment Tour (sponsored by MTV) in Baltimore, MD. Local television shows continue to feature Prhyme, recently she has appeared on shows aired in NYC, DC and other markets. A variety of online magazines, radio stations and podcasts have also featured interviews and music by Prhyme.

Prhyme’s love of music started at an early age, she was writing by the age of 10 and started rapping in high school. She is a classically trained flutist and has numerous medals from solo competitions from that gift. Prhyme then went to college at Georgia Tech and learned more about the inner workings of the studio and equipment used in recording. After continued success at rap battles and the encouragement of others in the music industry Prhyme decided to fully pursue her dream of becoming an artist.

Prhyme’s style is strong, poetic, thought-provoking, explicit, authentic and at times a little humorous. She has a deep sultry voice combined with a mid-western accent. Prhyme has also lived in New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Orlando, and Northern California, she incorporates the different musical techniques from these areas to produce a sound that is loved by anyone from anywhere. Both delicate and vicious, Prhyme’s approach leaves the listener always wanting more. A variety of emotions are expressed through her music, and she always leaves a high quality and memorable impression on everyone she encounter

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