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Hydroseven HHO Fuel Cell Manufacturing

We are a family based business located on the Treasure Coast in Florida. Providing an experimental concept item, in the form of parts or prefabricated kit assemblies. These kits are based on technology that has existed for over 90 years! The idea of, and use of “HHO Fuel” or also commonly known as “Browns’ Gas” / “Hydroxy Gas” or “Rhodes’ Gas” has been in use by governments through out the World in several vehicle applications! And in fact is being mandated for use in a growing number of foreign government vehicles now! HHO was used in the WW II Bombers… Now that’s proof of age and longevity! It is just recently, that the general public has REALLY gained interest in it because of the “High Fuel Prices”, -and more importantly since we have gained access to the “Internet”. This technology properly applied to Cars/Trucks/Boats and Airplanes, will reduce harmful chemical pollutants being introduced into our atmosphere due to the emission from wasted and unburned fuel. Any engines using “HYDRO-CARBON” based fuels such as Gasoline, Propane, Natural Gas, or yes - even Diesel fuel are eligible for HHO enhancement!

Hydroseven generally provides this technology for DIY types, It is best if you apply it to your own vehicle so that you will gain the full understanding of how the system works! Its not hard at all, ANY mechanically inclined person can do it! But Hydroseven installation service is limited to the Treasure Coast Area in Florida. And we are ALWAYS available for technical support! Using this technology lets you really get into “Going Green!” There are so many people who drive on the planet, that if we don’t do something about the pollution soon, we are going to be sorry!

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HHO Fuel Cell Manufacturer and Installer Fort Pierce, FL
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We want you to be happy! If for some reason you don’t think you have installed the “Kit” properly, lets us have the opportunity to help you. Upon arrival of your H7 equipment you will receive our full contact information or just visit
We want EVERYONE to be able to save money on fuel! Its crazy and ridiculous that we have to limit our pleasure rides down to driving back and forth to workL Give it a chance, and see what HHO can do for you and your family! It’s completely safe due its “On Demand” delivery and costs pennies compared to what most people spend on fuel anyway. However once you have installed the Kit on your vehicle, you can not return it. We follow the same policy as many automobile electronics retailers : No Returns on “Used Electronics Items!” But even if the price of gas is $3.50 per gallon and you have a 20 gallon tank to fill, that’s over $70.00! The cost of the system is compared to filling up 4 or 5 times! NOT BAD AT ALL…… Some companies are taking advantage of this technology and are selling their “un completed” Kits for over $1000.00!!! Thanks Guys!!! Not only that but there are several other uses for Hydroseven equipment.
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Our Kits give you the ability to make “Live Water” in your home as well! Similar generators normally sell for thousands of dollars. BUT YOU can use the same “In Home Electrolizer” that makes the HHO for your car, for making the best drinking water EVER!! Or use it for “Detox and Body Purification” purposes. There are many uses for Hydroseven equipment, this is just a few.

Did we mention the I.R.S. Tax Credit, just for using an “Alternative Fuel!” Oh yes, we even have it for you to fill out and send in! (form 8910)

We are part of the “Water4Gas” family and have their years of experience backing up this version of HHO technology, we also strongly recommend checking out the knowledge base offered on their site, we are even retailing Hydroseven products in the “official water4gas market place” now! This technology is not only basic, but its fun and everyone seems to be mesmerized the second you “Switch On”.

Good Luck with the “War on Fuel Prices” lol J and “ G O G R E E N ! ”
You Don't learn this in School!
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FREE ENERGY : Save The World !
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Get better Fuel Mileage !
Reduce Engine Vibration !
Low Maintenance !
Cars and Trucks !
Gas or Diesel !
Save Money !
Help your Family Save Money !
Reduce Harmful Emissions !
Generate “Live Water” !
Eliminate wasted power !
Boost Engine Power !
Cleans out Engines !
Pollute the Air with Air !
Get Alternative Fuel Tax Credits !
One time Low Price !
Years of Use !!!!!!!
Made in U.S.A. !
Hydroseven HHO Fuel Cell Manufacturing is located in Fort Pierce, FL and has the following skills: HHO Fuel Cell Manufacturer and Installer
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HHO Fuel Cell Manufacturer and Installer

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HHO FUEL CELL Technology is one EVERYONES mind these days, they go hand and hand with “Saving Money” at the Fuel pumps. Join in and try it for your self! These kits are EASY to install, and simple to maintain. We do the hard work for you, we have fully researched the subject and have developed basic starter kits for peoples who are ready to start using “Alternative Fuels” NOW! We are in the process of expanding the designs, and are updating our generator concepts, that’s right “updating”! What most people don’t know is that this technology is about 100 years old! BUT has been a best kept secret from us ever since, by our governments. Why? Who really knows, could it be the BIG money involved with BIG OIL? BUT ITS HERE FOR US TO USE NOW! And if we don’t, we are just endangering our World even further!!! These systems boost power, increase efficiency, and add better overall fuel mileage. The Hydroseven HHO systems ALSO reduce harmful emission levels AND just for using Alternative Fuels, it also makes you eligible for “Earned” Tax Credits! WOW, why wouldn’t you be interested……. You can read more on this at our web site
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