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Cethelen macEalaionta

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About Cethelen macEalaionta
One of only a handful of practitioners in the country specifically trained in an Wholistic European Herbal tradition, Cethelen was drawn to his calling by his intuitive understanding of the natural world and the role of our relationship with it in promoting wellness.
A true Master Herbalist with more than 1600 hours of postgraduate training in herbal, traditional and natural healing under the Connachta Healers’ Guild of Ireland, holding Journeyman Healer (F.T.) standing, and in addition holds degrees in Health Science & Nutrition (A.S.) and minor in Organic Chemistry. He has worked in the natural health industry in the US for nearly a decade while continuing to study Celtic healing modalities, ethnobotany, and herbalism.
Besides a thorough knowledge of physiology, energetics, botany, and herbal pharmacology one would expect from a trained herbalist (he is familiar with the uses of over 500 herbs), he brings to his practice an understanding of traditional “shamanic” wisdom and the mind-body-spirit unity that make up the whole person along with an intuitive understanding of the use of natural modalities in maintaining & creating wellness.
To his interaction with his clients he brings traditional Irish warmth, wit, and wisdom together with a true multidisciplinary approach and an “Old World” sense of professional ethics. The central pillar of the modality he practices is that “dis-ease” arises from disconnexion: from our bodies, our environments, and the Other, and that each person and imbalance is unique and not served by “one-size fits all” approaches.
In addition to personalised protocols and formulations clients always leave sessions having gained a deeper understanding of the sources of imbalances that contribute their situation and to how to catalyse healing and maintain wellness by creating balance and harmony in their lives.

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Herbalism &Natrural Wellness Burlington, NJ
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Herbalism &Natrural Wellness

Category: Health / Fitness
I operate a Traditional and Medical Herbalism practice and do client consultations in Princeton, NJ & Newtown PA
Consultations by appointment only.
(609) 499-4865.

New Client Consult Series $310.00
• Initial Consultation ~ 2 hr.
• 2 week Follow-up Consult 1 hr.
• 4 or 6 week Follow-up Consult 1 hr.
• Additional Follow-up visits regarding the same issue, if required, are available at a rate of ($75.00/hr) when scheduled at time of the 4/6-week office visit.

If you want Measurable & Lasting Results from natural approaches to wellness it is important to choose a modality and practitioner on more than “what’s hot” or who “seems cool” or uses all the right buzzwords. Tradition, experience, knowledge, and an understanding of the fundamentals of why and how natural approaches to health work make all the difference in outcomes.
Relevant Education / Credentials
1995 - 1997 Healer’s Guild of Connachta Roscommon, Eire Awarded Apprentice Certification & Guild Badge (#152) - Combination of clinical training and independent study with assessment. - Completed programme normally 4-6yr in duration in just under 3 yr with combination of prior knowledge and intensive study. - Took courses in Botany (2 semesters) along with sufficient credits to complete B.S. degree (via. UC, Gallway). Dec. 1999 Healer’s Guild of Connachta Roscommon, Eire Award of Journeyman’s Standing - Was awarded journeyman standing after petitioning guild and demonstrating subject knowledge and having gained experience in client interaction. - Certification of sufficient knowledge to fulfil journeyman level functions, provide client consultation and recommend treatment protocols. 1997 - 1998 School of Fitness & Nutrition Atlanta, Ga Associates in Health Sciences, Fitness, & Nutrition. - Distance Learning Degree Programme. - Thought wise to obtain degree as additional accreditation toward practicing US. School accredited in most European Countries as well. Counted towards Journeyman standing consideration. Volentarily am continuing to take AMA recognised CEU courses to keep up on latest medical info.
Years Experience: 12