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Brittany Zimmerman

Name: Brittany

Nicknames: Kitten, Bria, The Cat Artist

Age: One up from legal :P

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Blonde

Catch phrase: "I'm a little crazy, but I promise I'm sane." :)

Profile Summary:
Poetry Suffolk, VA
More About Me
DRAWING, reading graphic novels, hiking, sleeping, writing poetry and short stories, singing, acting, playing with children (I LOVE BABIES), and did I mention DRAWING?
Work Experience:
High School Diploma
In college now
Organizations / Affilations:
ODUAC (Old Dominion University Anime Club)
Brittany Zimmerman is located in Suffolk, VA and has the following skills: HELP A STARVING ARTIST!! COMMISSION ME PLZ!!, Poetry
Art / Creative
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Category: Art / Creative
Talented AND Inexpensive...Can You Beat That??

Hiya, peoples! :D

My name is Brittany (aka Bria), and I absolutely LOOVE drawing, especially anything manga-related.

I am college student at ODU, and I'm hoping to use my talent as a mangaka (manga artist) to make some much-needed cash for rent, gas, etc. I do have a waitressing job, but it's not bringing in enough money. TT_TT

I specialize in couples, fantasy creatures, folklore, vieras (humans with animal-like features), and intense emotions in general, such as expressions of anger, death, happiness, pleasure, depression, and so on.

I prefer to draw original ideas, but popular characters are fine.

My mediums are graphite, ink, colored pencils, European markers, and light touch-ups on Photoshop.

For those who want pictures on the sexier side, such as love scenes or pin-up girls, please give me a description of the model and pose, d I will see what I can do. :)

If you want a picture with you in it, PLEASE INCLUDE A PHOTO OF YOURSELF!!

~3"x5" and 4"x6" cards:
Sketch: $5.00
Inked: $6.00
Inked and colored: $8.00
~8"x11" paper
Sketch: $10.00
Inked: $15.00
Inked and colored: $20.00

**These rates apply to one-character drawings ONLY.

Additional characters are $1.00 each.**

~**Here is my procedure**~

1. You give me a commission via my e-mail address (please include your name, age, gender, and desired size/medium).

2. I return your message indicating that I got the commission.

3a. (For originals) You give me a detailed description of the character(s) and a picture if possible, along with what you want him/her/them to be doing.

3b. (For unoriginals) You give me a picture of the character(s), along with what you want him/her/them to be doing.

4. I formally accept the commission and give you a date for the sketch to be completed.

5. I post the sketch in on my SkillWho account, and you tell me of any changes that you want.

6. Once you approve of the sketch,
Relevant Education / Credentials
Drawing since I could hold a pencil. Drawing cartoons since 8th grade. Took a few art courses in high school, but am mostly self-taught.
Years Experience: 12


Category: Art / Creative
I have always loved creating my own poetry, and I've been told I'm talented. One of my poems even won an award and a place in the Immortal Verses book from the International Society of Poets.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 12