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Kathleen Russell

Kathy Russell, CEO of the company, offers mail-order,
earth-friendly home and health care products, personal and
business consultations, and educational workshops
running the gamut from stress manageĀ¬ment to the
"soap scum challenge." Combining her background in health
and nutrition with a love of learning and a sense of
stewardship for the world around her, Kathy provides support
for those who are passionate about the environment,
want to make smarter decisions about their fitness
and are committed to leading a healthy, dynamic life.
The business focuses on protecting the environment,
reducing disease and providing relevant education.
Kathy has been motivated by the need for solutions
to problems such as greenhouse gas emissions,
toxic products, overfilled landfills and increased incidents of
cancer, heart disease and allergies. Understanding that health
begins within, and that what is in us and around us becomes part of us,
she created Simple Solutions Holistic Healing
to help others address these types of issues in their lives.

Profile Summary:
Health Specialist Fuquay Varina, NC
Spiritual Adviser Fuquay Varina, NC
Holistic Health in Recovery Fuquay Varina, NC
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Work Experience:
CEO of Open Roads- Endless Possibilities for Healing Now Simple Solutions for Holistic Healing Through Absorption Bio availability and Balanced Nutrition.
Certified Nutritional Consultant
Organizations / Affilations:
Kathleen Russell is located in Fuquay Varina, NC and has the following skills: Health Specialist, Spiritual Adviser, Holistic Health in Recovery
Religious / Spiritual, Consulting, Home / Domestic, Skilled Trade / Crafts, Health / Fitness
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My Skills

Health Specialist

Category: Health / Fitness
Holistic Health is the "Circle of Life" that alters all of us in good health or the onset of health decline and disease.

I specialize in helping my clients find what they are NOT GETTING Rather than the focus being on what you shouldn't do. We kind of all seem to know the answers to that.

But what CAN YOU DO to add what is missing to help yourself feel better? There are so many answers to that. It seems most of us feel we can see the forest through the trees.

Top of the list in health overall, is the friendly bacteria in our digestive system, our plumbing, referred to as the gut, and healthy microbes. Believe it or not when our gut health is out of balance, disease begins to brew. Many symptoms stem from this imbalance like anxiety and depression, obesity,chronic pain, obesity and being overweight and simple head colds or increased allergy sensitivity to the air and foods we come in contact with every day.

Many other problems including any inflammatory conditions that are usually associated with Chronic pain levels.

Healing begins in the Gut and foods we eat to enhance the production of good health and healing is very simple to do once we know what to add and how to REALLY feed the body what it is lacking.

The key to sucess is to ask for help and be mentoured and guided for a short time frame that I call 90 days. After that most people are ready to move on there own with what they are coached to do. Our relationships are built and we continue to work together periodically for little to no charge at all.

I look forward to meeting people in the Carolinas to bring the healing to
as many families that want this wholistic challenge to insure the health and wealth of their loved ones.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Studied at Westchester Community College Certified Nutritional Consultant
Years Experience: 18

Spiritual Adviser

Category: Religious / Spiritual
I have worked with people for over 25 years as a support in reaching that quiet voice within. I specialize in connecting people with their truths and offer direction to all whom are searching for a better quality of life and seeking the journey from within!

Relationships Begin with ourselves by learning what matters most to us and ways to learn self love and care through positive affirmations and nurturing ourselves. Then everyone we love Wins. :-)
Relevant Education / Credentials
Practicing these principles in my life over 25 years! Hands on Working with others over 25 years! I guide others to heal and reach the inner connections with themselves.
Years Experience: 25

Holistic Health in Recovery

Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
All walks of additions have a commonality with challenges as it relates to a healthy relationship with food. As a person in recovery for over 31 years I understand the challenges we all face in this way. I am passionate about working with others who are looking to find simple support to increase the quality of the nutrients needed to feed the core and honor their path in recovery.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Background education in CLinical Nutrition and studies included working with Holistic Doctor to achieve Certification in Health Fitness and Nutrition
Years Experience: 18