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I live with my sweetheart, Mike and our two cats, Alex and Noah. We offer a monthly meditation and healing circle to our community as an effort of bringing free relief to others. I am building a network of healing practitioners and striving to build a doctor-healing practitioner network to bring complementary healing techniques into mainstream medical practice.

Profile Summary:
Healing Practitioner Los Angeles, CA
Spiritual Consultant/ Coach Los Angeles, CA
Actress/ Writer Los Angeles, CA
My Skills

Healing Practitioner

Category: Services
Inspired Healing and Awareness was created by Jaime Kalman with the intention of nurturing and inspiring transformation, authenticity, and healing in others. She is a certified hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists and a certified spiritual healer through the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, the most prominent healing organization in Europe. She is a member of Healing in America, and is actively creating healing circles in hospitals, clinics and rehab centers in Los Angeles. She also incorporates EFT (energy tapping) in her practice, providing people relief from physical and emotional discomfort. She offers compassionate and confidential consultation, guided meditation, hands-on energy balancing, Emotional Freedom Techniques, relaxing and transformative hypnosis, and creates an atmosphere of integrity, love, inspiration and possibility. She helps her clients to illuminate the blind spots that are at the source of their issues and supports them in creating access to breakthroughs that allow for extraordinary transformation and healing in their lives. Jaime works with the “whole person”: the spirit and each individual’s unique purpose, the higher, lower and subconscious mind, emotional responses, and energetic disruptions in the physical body. Hypnosis may be used for habit cessation, weight-loss, freedom from performance anxiety (including public speaking and stage fright), confidence-enhancement, freedom from emotional stress or trauma, past and current life regression, and spiritual awareness. Energy balancing can complement medical therapies, enabling the body to better utilize treatments. It can also soothe, comfort and relax the person receiving, thus allowing them to face their challenges more calmly and with awareness.
Relevant Education / Credentials
BA in Drama and Psychology from Flagler College Certification from National Guild of Hypnotists Certification from National Federation of Spiritual Healers Member of Healing in America
Years Experience: 2

Spiritual Consultant/ Coach

Category: Religious / Spiritual
My ministry is non-denominational, and supports all beliefs, philosophies and religions. My work is based in remembering the truth of who we are, and to be connected to our creative source and live with love and presence.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Universal Life Church Miracle Center One Center of California Landmark Education - Curriculum for Living
Years Experience: 15

Actress/ Writer

Category: Acting / Drama
24 years theatrical experience includes theatre, film, sitcom, improv, hosting, producing, writing, modeling, and commercial work.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Flagler College BA in Drama, Graduate of Groundlings, Margie Haber Master Class
Years Experience: 24