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Born in Cleveland, Ohio (Well, someone had to be.)

Served, in the early 80's, as a linguist, with the United States Air Force, at Teufelsberg Radar Station, in the former East Berlin.

Provided structural fire response, as Firefighter I, in Jamestown, California.

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Hauler Ramona, CA
Voice-Over Ramona, CA
German / English Translation Ramona, CA
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Category: Services
Joe's is a small business. We specialize in the hand-loading of whatever we carry. This means that we can access areas, which aren't available when using loading equipment.

Our company is very environmentally friendly - That is to say, Green. Dirt, sand and gravel become proper land fill, or are taken to where they may be refined, for more sensitive uses.

Wood is taken to the recycler, where it is ground up for decorative landscaping chips, or for use in a local steam-powered generation plant, which produces electricity.

Rock and concrete are taken to be reground, if they may not otherwise be safely utilized.

Material, which may only be classified as "Junk," is transported to an appropriately approved land fill, or trash transfer station.

We will find the proper new home for everything.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Joe's Hauling has been in business, serving San Diego County, for over twenty years. Joe's is a member of the Better Business Bureau.
Years Experience: 21


Category: Communications
To promote the kind of vocalization, you'd like your friends to hear.

Voice types and dialects have always fascinated. Long as I can remember folks have wondered, “Just, what is he mumbling, now?”

You can make this inner demon work for you. Also, you will get someone who shows up, on time, for appointments. After all, if one can’t get it down to the hour, how may one be expected to deal in seconds?

If you call Joe’s Hauling, at (760) 443-2943, I will welcome you to your options for hauling. If you are interested in hearing more about the voice-over aspect, just leave a message for Scott.

Or, leave a message for Joe’s Hauling. Hey, he’d appreciate it and I happen to know that he’s not a bad guy to do business with, at all.

Thanks for having read, what I would have loved for you to have heard…
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certificate, from Del Mar Media Arts - Founded by the former Gordon Jump, of the Maytag commercial fame. Credits: “COPD Assessment” – video, UCSD Medical Center. “Gem Sale” – local commercial, Flower Hill Mall Jewelers of Del Mar, “The Heist,” - movie production , HBO (Pierce Brosnan, Tom Skerritt, Wendy Hughes). Others.
Years Experience: 33

German / English Translation

Category: Language / Translation
One reads, sees, or hears words in a different language. Then, these words are regurgitated, in a language that the other people in the room will understand.
Relevant Education / Credentials
DLIELC - English Language Course DLIFLC - German Language Course 6912th ESG ESC - Berlin; three years translation. About four years, combined, living in Hamburg and Berlin.
Years Experience: 35