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I am a 36 year old artist I am gifted by god to have a remarkable abillity to create anything I see or imagine into a beautiful piece of art in any medium I've tried which is most of the good ones I choose sculpting stone and wood for its three dimensional posibillitys and the challenge the material offers me I have spent my entire life developing and perfecting these skills I have pieces in the weller wildlife studios in tucson and several private collectors homes I live,sleep,eat,and breath what I do and that is art

Profile Summary:
Hard wood and stone sculpting Vail, AZ
mill-wright mesquite lumber mill operator Vail, AZ
My Skills

Hard wood and stone sculpting

Category: Miscellaneous
current projects include an eight foot tall sculpture of a woman from mesquite also make custom furniture benches bar tops mantles and other abstract and real to life sculptures from mesquite wood and exotic burls all orders are done to custom specs all art work is done freestyle never by blue print or sketch each peice one of a kind
Relevant Education / Credentials
10 years in private art school studying fine arts under cliff duphiney now deceised from the age of 8 till 18
Years Experience: 28

mill-wright mesquite lumber mill operator

Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
Relevant Education / Credentials
6 yrs as operator and head sculptor
Years Experience: 6