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Daniel McCullar

I’m a Southern boy from Virginia. I am a former military member, Hampton Special Police Officer, Fugitive Recovery Agent, Bouncer and professional Martial Arts Instructor. I have been training in the martial arts for almost 30 years and hold the rank of 5th Dan black belt in Jung Bai Hapkido under 9th Dan Grandmaster J.B. Lee (an original student of Hapkido founder Choi, Yong Sul). I have trained in various martial arts over the years to include Japanese, Chinese, Korean and American style arts, as well as various traditional weapons.

Profile Summary:
Hapkido Sherman Oaks, CA
Actor Sherman Oaks, CA
More About Me
Martial arts, The Great Outdoors, Acting, Reading, Learning
Work Experience:
Martial Arts / H2H Training:

International Hapkido & Martial Arts University (primary art)
5th Degree Black Belt & Certified Instructor: Under Grandmater Lee, Jung Bai
(Specializing in empty hand combat, joint manipulation & joint breaking.)
Hand 2 Hand Combatives Instructor, U.S.A.F. ’01-02
Various other martial arts proficient:
• Okinowan Shorin Ryu: Under Shihan Eaton
• Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Under Horion Gracie (Seminars)
• Judo: Under Subum Cedric Hurst
• Tae Kwon Do: Under Subum Cedric Hurst
• Muai Thai: Under Subum Cedric Hurst
• Diato Ryu Aiki Jiu Jitsu: Under Subum Cedric Hurst
• Hap Ki Do: Under Subum Cedric Hurst
• Wing Chun: Under Sifu Shawn McLain
• Wrestling: Tabb High
• Boxing: Tabb High
• Kajukenbo: U.S.A.F.
• Military Combatives

Traditional/Martial Arts Weapons Proficient:

Bo Staff Jo Staff
Tom Bo / Short Stick Double Sticks
Rope / Belt Tomahawk
Nunchucku Combat Cane
Katana Sword Long Bow
Common Objects /
Improvised Weapons Knife Fighting
(Weapons Defenses)
Handgun Defenses Knife Defenses

Other Training:

• Self-Aid & Buddy Care Instructor ’93-02
• Defensive Tactics Instructor ’01-02
• CPR Certification (expired)
• Military Training/Security Specialist
• Law Enforcement / Fugitive Recovery Training
• Use of Force
Organizations / Affilations:
International Hapkido Karate Association
International Hapkido Martial Arts University
Daniel McCullar is located in Sherman Oaks, CA and has the following skills: Hapkido, Actor
Acting / Drama, Services
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Category: Services
(Also spelled hap ki do or hapki-do) is a dynamic and eclectic Korean martial art. It is a form of self-defense that employs joint locks, pressure points, throws, kicks, and other strikes. Hapkido practitioners train to counter the techniques of other martial arts as well as common unskilled attacks. There are also traditional weapons including short stick, cane, rope, sword and staff, which vary in emphasis depending on the particular tradition examined.
Hapkido contains both long and close range fighting techniques, utilizing dynamic kicking and percussive hand strikes at longer ranges and pressure point strikes, joint locks, or throws at closer fighting distances. Hapkido emphasizes circular motion, non-resisting movements, and control of the opponent. Practitioners seek to gain advantage through footwork and body positioning to employ leverage, avoiding the use of strength against strength.
Relevant Education / Credentials
5th Dan Jung Bai Hapkido under Grandmaster J.B. Lee Certified Instructor, I.H.K.A. Unarmed Combatives Instructor
Years Experience: 29


Category: Acting / Drama
Acting for film and television
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 7