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I am a stay at home mom who does legal transcription from my home office. In addition, I love the creative side so have started making things such as ribbon belts and scrapbooking for others who don't have desire, time or skill.

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Handmade Ribbon/Fabric Belts w/ Appliques Allendale, MI
Assembling Scrapbooks for those who don't want to! Allendale, MI
My Skills

Handmade Ribbon/Fabric Belts w/ Appliques

Category: Art / Creative
Handmade Ribbon Belts with Handassembled Flowers etc. Snap or tie closure upon preference. Can make to color, size variations. Email with specifics of what you want or can choose from ones already made in stock. 2 day lead time. $15.00. Unique as no two the same. Not the plain, ordinary cookie cutter belts. Adds color or texture in belt loops or on such things as around a cardigan or coat.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Have always been into sewing and creating. This combines the two.
Years Experience: 5

Assembling Scrapbooks for those who don't want to!

Category: Art / Creative
I can take your photos and assemble them into a presentable scrapbook. You choose theme or allow me to use my imagination. Will provide all the materials, you just provide photos. Better than accumlating in box and others can see them! 75.00/small or $100.00/large. Can accomodate price for extra large/small quantities. You don't have to do any of the work!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Again, always been crafting and love to use imagination.
Years Experience: 10