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Hello, my name is Dan. Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself and why I decided to start up a business painting wall murals ....

I grew up in a little town in New England (hence the New England Patriots mural). I have enjoyed drawing since I was little and I was mostly into comic book covers and superheroes (OK so I am still into them...)

One day I decided to paint my son's room over and I went with a New England Patriots theme. This was the first wall mural I had ever painted and I thought it came out pretty good. After doing the first one I had the opportunity to paint a Dragon mural that I had been kicking around for awhile. Now I was hooked, all I wanted to do was paint. The next mural I was able to do originally started out as just Batman and Superman standing side by side. The more involved in this mural I got the more I added to it. I kept adding and changing things and it ended up being four separate heroes standing together which created the wall mural you see on the Home page of this site. I was then able to start work on a Supervillains wall mural, it just wouldn't do to have the heroes and not have any of their arch-enemies.

After having many people tell me that I should be painting murals for other people as a business, I decided to take their advice and go for it. How many people can say that they are doing what they love and enjoy? I love to paint and draw and now I get to paint murals of things I love and I can do it as a business and be happy (and hopefully make other people happy with my work).

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Hand Painted Wall Murals in Tampa, FL Valrico, FL
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Hand Painted Wall Murals in Tampa, FL

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Murals 4U, located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, creates custom Wall Murals and Theme Rooms for your home or office space. Have you ever wanted to transform that boring and plain wall or working space into a work of art that will be sure to please? Do you know a child that loves Batman, Superman or Spiderman? Do you have a favorite sports team? How about a Disney or Fantasy theme room? Just imagine how much enjoyment you would get out of having your favorite team or character right up on a wall in your home or office space where everyone could see it. A Murals 4U muralist can create this environment on any of your walls with a custom, hand painted mural that can be enjoyed day in and day out for years to come.

Each of our mural paintings are unique and painted by hand, so you can be assured that you will have a work of art on your wall that no one else will have.

How pleased would your clients/patrons be if they could be surrounded by art and fantasy characters instead of having to sit and wait in an old, stale, plain waiting room. Imagine the joy a mural would bring to a childs face or the increased use of their imagination as they can be wisked away to an imaginary place and they never have to leave their room, all they have to do is gaze upon the mural on the wall. If this sounds good to you then please, come see what Murals 4U can do for you.
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