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My name is Steven King and as a child i was constantly drawing,in fact i used to get in trouble all the time for using all the paper in the house.While being almost completely self taght I do have some training in technical/arcitecual drawing.Recently i picked up some art markers and a piece of paper and did a drawing of my daughter and her karate instructor.It turned out ok i thought but after showing it to a few people they all seemed to really like it.After some poking and prodding from friends and family i started my website.
So if you have a photo and would like to have it turned into a piece of art give me a shout.While i can do any size you would like i love doing large scale stuff the example i have posted is appx. 20x24.I can also draw pets,cars,animals,or anthing else you can think of as long as you have a photo of it.

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hand drawn portrait Cape Coral, FL
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hand drawn portrait

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Custom artwork hand drawn from your photographs
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