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Getting ready to go back to school? Money low from buying all your children school needs? Well I can help! I offer affordable pricing on hairstyles for ethnic hair. Here is what I have to offer:

Kids Styles (ages 3-12)
Natural Braids- $20- $40***
Layer braids- $50-$75***
Box Braids- $60- $80***
Pony tails- $15- $35**

Adult Styles (ages 13& up)
Natural braids- $35- $50***
Layered Braids- $50- $85***
Box Braids- $80-$100***
Wash, trim & curl- $25- $35***
Wash, Dry & curl- $20- $30***
Full Sew in- $60
Half sew in- $45
Relaxer- $30 (see below)
Wash and condition add on- $10
Rinse and deep condition add on- $15
*** depending on type of hair

Since I specialize in hair care I do not use glue or dye. However I will do a rinse, but it will require a deep condition to go with it. I will also do a relaxer on an as needed basis, therefore I will only do relaxers if your hair desperately needs one. I try not to use chemicals at all. I use all mizani products and izunami flat iorns. I do work a full time job during the day so I am availible 7 days a week with the 1st appointments starting at 5 p.m and last appt. 8:30 p.m. I am off two days during the work week and can start as early as 8 a.m on those days. Please email me for more info on my days off and also for any hairstyle that you may want and dont see on the listing. Sorry but I DO NOT do men hair for any means, however I will do boys up to the age of 12 with parent accompanying him. All hairstyles that require weave, you are supposed to bring it i do not supply. If you are getting braids or a sew in and want your hair washed you will have to utilize the $10 add on. Wash and condition is only included with ponytails, all the wash and blow drys and relaxers. Please take note that I do hair from the comfort of my home so I ask that you not use abusive language in my home nor bring unruly children in my home because you will be asked to leave. I do ask that you do not lie about the kind of hair that you
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Years Experience: 10