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I have 4 years of experience with Hair Styling / Make-up Artist skills in Leander, TX. I also have 5 years of experience with Hip Hop Choreography skills.
My education and credentials include Baldwin Beauty School, Austin, TX.

Profile Summary:
Hair Styling / Make-up Artist Leander, TX
Hip Hop Choreography Leander, TX
My Skills

Hair Styling / Make-up Artist

Category: Beauty / Style
Contact with event information.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Baldwin Beauty School, Austin, TX
Years Experience: 4

Hip Hop Choreography

Category: Dance
If I have a passion for anything, hip hop would definitely be the top of my list. I love to dance, teach, and choreograph dances that are loud, fast paced, and gets everyone sweating.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Instructed at Cedar Park High School 2004-2006
Years Experience: 5