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My name is Adam McKay and I live on Long Island. I play guitar and tutor in all sciences and math until the AP level as well as latin and spanish.

Profile Summary:
Guitar Lessons Riverhead, NY
Science Tutor Riverhead, NY
Latin/Spanish Tutor Riverhead, NY
My Skills

Guitar Lessons

Category: Music
I teach guitar to beginners and people who have been playing for a bit. I teach classical guitar, electric, and acoustic. There are a variety of methods from chords to picks to finger picking and the genre's include classical, ethnic, metal, rock, blues, jazz, and many more.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 3

Science Tutor

Category: Science / Research
I tutor in all areas of science from regents until AP, in biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I have earned fives on all three AP Science exams along with high 90's on the regents, I have been tutoring with great results for 2 years now.
Years Experience: 2

Latin/Spanish Tutor

Category: Language / Translation
I tutor in all levels of Latin and Spanish from middle school to advanced high school latin or spanish 5.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I have maintained a 100 average in latin for the past six years as well as a hih 90's average in spanish.
Years Experience: 6