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HEY HEY! Call me Danny. I'm looking to source myself out a little. Tired of the REAL WORLD of working. Been a mechanic for Toyota for 8 years now. I'm good at it, but resent it at the same time. My passion lies in music, but I can't really afford to transition to my real love right now. At least I don't think so...

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Guitar lessons Greensboro, NC
Mechanic Greensboro, NC
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Guitar lessons

Category: Music
Wanting to share my love of the guitar with others. I can lose myself for hours on end just jamming out with myself or others. Would love to teach either new or experienced players. Most styles of music.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Took lessons myself here and there. Mostly self-taught, but was taught actual theory early on.
Years Experience: 12


Category: Automobiles
Toyota Tech. Wanting a little side-work just to help me out. Mostly want to do Toyotas, but I can of course work on other stuff.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Toyota certifited Master Diagnostic Tech.
Years Experience: 8