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My Name is Zakk Glass and i play in a metal band called 'The Blood of the Covenant'. ive been playing music for quite a few years and i am a pretty skilled musician i would say. All i do, and have done for the last couple years, is play guitar, weather its by my self or with my band. i am always practicing... I am also giving Guitar lessons for $20/hour in san diego- let me know if you are interested

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Guitar / Guitar Lessons La Mesa, CA
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I Play guitar many hours a day, its all i ever do. I play guitar for a band called 'The Blood of The Covenant'. I also am giving guitar lesson at $20/hour. if your interested let me know. i know theory and can teach technique, arrpegios, chords, modes(pentatonic/minor/major), triads, and everything inbetween... i am a very skilled musician, dont let my age fool you
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music theory classes
Years Experience: 4