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Have lived in Rock Hill for about 46 years except for my two year stint in the Army from 1969 - 1971. Served my two years at Fort Bragg with most of my time there working as morning report clerk for Womack Army Hospital. Went to the University of South Carolina (Lancaster) for a year and a half before being accepted into the freshman class of 1973 at the Memphis College of Art. Upon graduation in 1977, moved to Charlotte, NC and began my career working in an Advertising Agency (Duncan, Finch & Welch) for about three years. Left that agency to work for a short time with Dill Design and then went to work as a free-lancer. Moved back to Rock Hill and took a part-time position at the local paper in the production department to help supplement my free-lance business. Did some opinion page illustration as well as my introduction into the world of editorial cartoons. I then was offered a full-time position as a Graphic Artist/Designer/Illustrator for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Worked for the school system as a Graphic Artist/Designer/Illustrator for ten years and then was promoted to Art Supervisor until my leaving. Am now working to build my own business as a Graphic Artist/Designer/Illustrator.

Profile Summary:
Graphic Artist/Designer/Illustrator Rock Hill, SC
Musician (Guitar and Bass) Rock Hill, SC
Physical Fitness with Free Weights/Kettlebells Rock Hill, SC
More About Me
I have a love for music and playing the guitar. I also am into fitness and try to maintain a regular schedule of physical fitness routines with free weights as well as kettlebells. I also enjoy riding my motorcycle (1997 Moto Guzzi California) when the weather will permit. I have made it a point to begin reading more and lately I have been reading books relating to business. I still try to find time to do some art just for my personal satisfaction and have recently begun experimenting with pastels. For some reason, they have begun to make sense now.
Work Experience:
My first ten years of work experience was basically in agencies and then on my own. Everything that was designed or created was done by hand. That was a time where type was placed on board, screens were done by cutting masks, photos were cropped and sized and dropped into blocks done with rubylith (bet you don't know what that is). Things changed with the introduction of the computer and I tauhght myself how to use FreeHand on a Mac with a 10in diagonal screen. It would be my software of choice until Adobe decided to buy it and then put out Creative Suite. I have spent most of my life doing art and have always felt that Graphic Design is an area that will make an impact(good or bad) on those who view it. My desire is to make the viewer feel good about what they see.
BFA in Advertising Design/Illustration from the Memphis College of Art, Memphis, Tennessee on
May 14, 1973
Organizations / Affilations:
Member of Friends in Business of Fort Mill, South Carolina which is a networking group of business professionals.
Doug Niday is located in Rock Hill, SC and has the following skills: Graphic Artist/Designer/Illustrator, Musician (Guitar and Bass), Physical Fitness with Free Weights/Kettlebells
Music, Art / Creative, Health / Fitness
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My Skills

Graphic Artist/Designer/Illustrator

Category: Art / Creative
Have over 30 years of experience in the Graphics field. I can create and design anything that needs to be printed. I DO NOT design websites. My computer of choice is an iMAC and I am presently working in Adobe Creative Suite 3. I also can do illustration work as well and initially did illustration conventionally (by hand) and with the aid of my Wacom Tablet can also do computer generated illustration. I also have done editorial cartoon work for the local section of the Charlotte Observer in Rock Hill for over 18 years and due to the economy and a consolidation of special Sunday sections, my cartoon was dropped. Would love to find another venue.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Graduated with a BFA in Advertising Design/Illustration from the Memphis College of Arts in May of 1977.
Years Experience: 30

Musician (Guitar and Bass)

Category: Music
Have played the guitar for about thirty years now. When younger, played the guitar and bass in a Christian band from the church I attended. We were just a group of young guys doing gigs in churches and youth camps. Learned mostly by being around other musicians.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 29

Physical Fitness with Free Weights/Kettlebells

Category: Health / Fitness
For as long as I care to remember I have always had this passion to stay in shape. I believe that being in the best shape you can be in will eliminate a lot of the sickness and physical disabilities that one may encounter in life. I have always leaned toward the use of free weights and in the past four or five years have added kettlebells to my regimen.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 40