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I have 17 years of experience with Graphic Artist and Designer skills in Riverside, CA. I also have 22 years of experience with Educational and Cultural Consulting for Tribal org skills.
My education and credentials include Degree in Visual and Performing Art from CSU San Marcos.

Profile Summary:
Graphic Artist and Designer Riverside, CA
Educational and Cultural Consulting for Tribal org Riverside, CA
My Skills

Graphic Artist and Designer

Category: Art / Creative
I started painting and drawing at a young age, but I didn't pursue it for a career until I started a small business while I was getting my B.A. at CSUSM. I produced art for Surfboards which lead me into silk screeing for t-shirts. I was lucky enough to have professors like Deborah Small to collaborate with in order to produce pieces that would end up in studios. She also introduced me to Photoshop programs that I could use to further my art. I ended up using these skill in every office I worked in for the past 10 years. It became easy for me to get new clients becuase I could easily produce art or logos that they enjoyed and would use for years to come.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Degree in Visual and Performing Art from CSU San Marcos
Years Experience: 17

Educational and Cultural Consulting for Tribal org

Category: Education
I started teaching youth when I was still in High School. I did not want to be an educator, but the youth naturally gravitated towards me because I had such need to pass on what I knew to them. I have been teaching in tutorial programs ever since. As for the cultural part, I am Chumash descendent and my father pushed me to learn as much as I could about our heritage before he died. He showed me how to make bows and arrows when I was a little boy, and now, I show other youth the very same thing. The environmental issues played a role in my up bringing because all the places of cultural and spiritual significance I saw as a youth were slowy being destroyed. I felt I had a personal responsibity to protect these places for the next generation.
Relevant Education / Credentials
A.A. in History from Riverside C.C. B.A. in History from CSU San Marcos degree in Anthropology from CSU San Marcos.
Years Experience: 22