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I specialize in golf instruction and swing analysis. Golf instruction with a guarantee - improve or it's FREE! Get the best golf instruction from the leading authority on golf biomechanics and author of SINGLE DIGIT HANDICAP IN 13 WEEKS, Jay Lim. The Pure Impact System (TPIS) is based on simple physics and efficient biomechnical movements to create repeatable and dependable motions.

The Pure Impact System has not only taken the full swing to its simplest form, but has also dispelled myths about the swing. When the correct positions are coupled with the proper definition and execution of the rhythm and sequence, the full swing becomes controllable and highly dependable on the course.

Come and experience the best in golf instruction - Pure Impact Golf Instruction and Swing analysis.

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Golf Instruction with a guarantee - improve or it's FREE! $40 - 30 minutes, $70 - minutes. You can also go to for more information or to schedule an appointment.
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