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I raised all sorts of hell growing up. became a Devil Dog in the USMC. Now I am raising Gold out of the ground.

Profile Summary:
Gold Prospector Sacramento, CA
Good with tools, McGyver style Sacramento, CA
More About Me
Blasting stuff with guns, Wild, Wild West. I like to break stuff.
Like to make stuff.
Then break it.
I like playing cards.
Work Experience:
School days, 3 paper routes before school.
Summer job CYP at age 13.
4 years H/S auto shop, UTI in Arizona, found out that crap is to greasy filthy.
Smoked somme bong hits for awhile. Decided a change (cross roads), (1/4 life crissis). Plan, join USMC save money invest in Real estate.
I did, first a duplex in Salem Oregon, lived in 1 side rented other to make thee payment.
Found a house, I moved.
Rented the other side of duplex for house payment.
Found another house, I moved, rented the house had a positive cash flow.
Found another house.
Got 2 family members to go in.
Billy met a skank and she moved in and ...
Wierd shit happened.
They moved out, I was sick of my job and financial crap.
Went bankrupt and went home, back to Sacramento.
6 years later Mom passed, then Grandpa.
Anyway have a good day.
AA degree in college, transferable degree.
Took all sorts of stuff.
Bowling, skiing, guitar, weight training,Geology, psychology, math,math, math, computer programming,art, and some other stuff.
Organizations / Affilations:
I am/want to get groups of prospector, gold panning, sluice, dredge friends.
I have a disability, already been accused of Drinking, 1 on the job, 1 after I was exchanging info in an bumper bump accident. I have Cerabellar Ataxia.
My balance is off, I can't do Karate, and jump from rock to rock in water ways any more.
But my fat ass floats in water, LOL. Semper Fi
Michael Swanson is located in Sacramento, CA and has the following skills: Gold Prospector, Good with tools, McGyver style
Mechanics, Miscellaneous
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My Skills

Gold Prospector

Category: Miscellaneous
Get gold in and out of water.
Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwitch or lunch meat.
Relevant Education / Credentials
PHD, post hold digger modified to dig and pry. Awesome gold tool.
Years Experience: 11

Good with tools, McGyver style

Category: Mechanics
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 30