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I'm passionate about helping people create change in thier life and seeing them reach thier goals.

I have 12 years experience as a counselor and intuitive guide, goal coach, intuitive energy healer.

I am a business owner, and can accomodate clients from all over, people call me from the comfort of their own home and all my sessions are digitally recorded and can be live web conferenced as well.

I can see what you'd like to work on when you call and we can do a consulation and discuss an issue and one or two goals. You'll receive insight into your own energy flow and what naturally works for you and what is a block, you're ready to move. it's fun! It's empowering! I have a passion to help people access thier own inner wisdom.

When you work with "energy" things happen in ease and magically. Life is more than logic and linear.

Most people deal with the physical plane first, creating in the feeling of struggle and effort! To make things happen is "hard"!!

What if it all flows best when you create with enthusiasm? When you're aligned, your aware of what you visualize as a goal and you have the "tools" the power to direct the energy flow...This is what I empower my clients to experience...!

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Goal Coach, Intuitive Guidance, Healer Beverly Hills, CA
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Making Changes And Achieving Goals Can be a Fun and Exciting Process!!
Goal Coach: Clear Simple Insight You Can Trust!

Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Healer

No-nonsence, practical, goal oriented reader. 12 years of professional
reading experience. Licenced minister with the state of CA. Extensive study and
training in meditation, counseling. 13 years full time professional experience.

Everything is made up of energy which is possible to see using my intuition. If you would like some clarity and help seeing the truth -give me a call. I take a look at the true you -your original essence or spirit. When you get a reading it gives you a sense of who you really are and reminds you to own that truth and discard unnecessary baggage. I'm dedicated to being true to myself and teach others how to do this.

You can call me to book an appointment and we can work on your goal!
I do a lot of work with clients by phone. From the comfort of your own
home you can have the session digitally recorded and if you want web live

It's the quickest way to release baggage and things that inhibit you!
It's also a fun process. Take steps in increasing your inner knowledge,
power to direct your life and enthusiasm for being you. Get empowered to
take the next steps towards your success, whatever that means to you.

I have a passion for seeing the truth, creating win-win agreements,
creating magic in every moment, "as above so below". Sharp, focused,
optimistic, "anything is possible!", engaged in the present moment, excellent healer,
helps people take practical action and move forward. An empowering coach! Gets through
to the root of things.

Free complimentary 10 minute consultation.

Lisa Araquistain
(818) 788 1132
(408) 691 0937 cell
Prices: $100/hour or $1.67/minute
By Phone / email / skype (video web conferenced readings)
Includes a digital recording on CD.
B.S.E.E. Santa Clara University
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Licensed Ca. Minister
Lisa A is located in Beverly Hills, CA and has the following skills: Goal Coach, Intuitive Guidance, Healer
Motivation / Inspiration
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Goal Coach, Intuitive Guidance, Healer

Category: Motivation / Inspiration
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