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I have 10 years of experience with Ghostwriter skills in Oxon Hill, MD. I also have 10 years of experience with Internet, cable and Telephone skills.
My education and credentials include Ive been envolved in music all my life. Not just music but have been writing for quite a while now..

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Ghostwriter Oxon Hill, MD
Internet, cable and Telephone Oxon Hill, MD
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Category: Writing / Journalism
I create poems and songs on a whim. No premeditating.. here is a sample:

Designs on the vase/ It falls and breaks/ The ashes forms a face/ Im here../ Hold that thought for a minute lets wait till the smoke clears/ The letter stated "I can no longer stand to look at myself in the mirror/ So he tied a knot and kicked a...way the chair/ Keys jingle and momma opens the door/ Son run in and says mom! "Look!, Daddy is flyin in the air"/ She cover her sons eyes and her face bleeds tears, theres a letter taped around his hand and it reads:

Im a lyrical man with a bruised up heart
I traveled the land and cant turn back now
Came far from where I began, I glide when I walk
Thru these mystical sands
The dimmest lights
The brightest dark
Its kind of odd
I hear the chants of the pharoah ahmenrah
Thru my physical being im so flawed
Im so hard
Hold up my guards
but thru these words i give my life to yall
while I smile for your eyes and hide my scars
millions of times ive died
woke me up from the grave
so i can feel the pain again from her
let me rot in the sun
pleasure the vultures
The forgotten one
but yet i still remember
im in a race against myself
now whos the winner?
and im numb from the felt
it must be winter....
Relevant Education / Credentials
Ive been envolved in music all my life. Not just music but have been writing for quite a while now.
Years Experience: 10

Internet, cable and Telephone

Category: Communications
Cox Communications, Strayer University
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 10