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I am originally from Stoughton, MA and have lived in Okinawa Japan, Marine Corp Air Station Cherry Point North Carolina, Fort Lauderdale FL, and currently I am residing in sunny Naples, FL. I think that I have in a way been cursed in being a very likable person. What I mean is that since I have a great personally and a contagious laugh I have the ability to place just about anyone around me in a good mood.

I am a outgoing, fun and loving guy that would love to find people that could not only be friends with me, But friends that I could share my experiences, strengths, and fantasies. Many of you first time visitors to my page will see that I have many friends, young and old alike. Unique in your own special way, I cherish the ability to be able to find the good things in people because everyone deserves a chance to set the record straight. It is up to the individual to follow through and prove it to yourself that you too can be Today's Forever Young. This is what an old friend of mine once told me. I am far from perfect, but the one thing that I know about myself is that I have been given a chance to live life with serenity.

My name is David Resendes, I am the founder of

Today's Forever Young, used to think we could come online to locate people, places, and cool new ways to feel healthy and free. With TEAM BEACHBODY & COACH DASHING DAVE, you can now achieve these goals Fitness and wellness goals

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Get paid to share Naples, FL
Tru Chocolate™—the "Guilt-Free Chocolate" Naples, FL
Summer is here!!! Naples, FL
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Tru Chocolate™—the "Guilt-Free Chocolate"

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Tru Chocolate™ is infused with beneficial herbs which help promote healthy blood sugar levels. Tru Chocolate™ also helps support healthy weight loss.
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Summer is here!!!

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As a personal Coach, I can help you make the right diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices, and motivate you to stay on track to reach any goal.

Email Me now!Joining the Team Beachbody community was absolutely the right choice for me. It is such a powerful combination of products and tools, not to mention a great group of people who all share the same goals and make up the best support system ever.
Relevant Education / Credentials
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