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Creation is the most powerful function of humanity. I have enjoyed creating and surrounding myself with the best humanity has come up with.

My main passion is for art and the effect it has on the soul. Naturally I submerse myself in the creative community. I own an art gallery ( and do freelance web/graphic design to feed my need to be creative.

Profile Summary:
Freelance Graphic/Web Designer Salt Lake City, UT
Fine Art Dealer Salt Lake City, UT
My Skills

Freelance Graphic/Web Designer

Category: Internet / Web
Freelance graphic & web designer working from SLC. Creates logos, buttons, web graphics, company pages, profile pages, etc. Ideal for redesigning existing webpages. HTML/CSS proficient.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Visit for latest websites (iao gallery, iao international, & iao projects)
Years Experience: 6

Fine Art Dealer

Category: Art / Creative
Dealer of fine art with connections and relationships to the world art market. Primary and secondary markets specializing in Modern (1900 +) - Contemporary works.

Curated collections for corporations & individuals for 5 years.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Working in the art field since 2003. Worked at/for various galleries & dealers throughout the US (Maui, Aspen, Park City, SLC, La Jolla, & LA).
Years Experience: 5