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My name is Krista and I am married to a wonderful man, Mike. He is in Iraq for now with the Army. We are stationed in Hawaii. I have a stepson, a cat, a dog and 4 rats. We are from St. Louis, MO and will be back there for good next summer.

Profile Summary:
Fluent in Spanish, French in reading and writing Honolulu, HI
Any grade from 3rd-12th and into beginning college Honolulu, HI
Scrapbooking and photo taking Honolulu, HI
National and International Travel Honolulu, HI
I volunteer for just about anything Honolulu, HI
More About Me
Photography, scrapbooking, cross-stitch, coloring, paper art, reading magazines and making collages of photos, driving, speaking Spanish, surfing the net, meeting people online, having different kinds of pets (frogs, lizards, rats, guinea pig, ferret, birds), I joined Herpetology society for more knowledge, flowers, gardening, sightseeing, teaching others
Remodeling: drywalling
refinishing wood floors and removing stains
installing ceiling fans
laying ceramic tile
making furniture
staining wood
installing a garage door opener
building separator wall in basement to divide rooms
my concrete basement floor is dipped in the middle for drainage but I want to put down flooring and do not know how to refinish the basemen. Cars: fix windows that won't roll down
change brake pads
understand fluids and how to refill them
general repairs. Food: cake decorating
catering. Arts n crafts: whatever I don't know already. Gardening: landscaping
advice on choosing flowers for different locations by sunlight
types of grasses to use in yard. Pets: anything I don't know already
except never owning snakes.
Work Experience:
Retail sales - over 20 yrs experience
Administrative Assistant - over 12 yrs experience
Interior Bank Designer - 1 yr (no formal training)
Florist - 1 yr
Spanish teacher - 1 yr experience
Substitute teacher for every subject -over 10 yrs experience
Teacher's Aide 4th-5th grade - 2 yrs experience
Elementary Principal Secretary - 1 yr experience
After School Tutor - 5 yrs experience
Sylvan Learning Center - 1 semester only
Switchboard Operator - 5 yrs experience
Concierge for large arena - 1 yr experience
Pharmacy Assistant - volunteer position
Help Desk for Training Program at a hospital - short term contract
High School focus included 6-12 grade of Spanish, French and German as electives
St. Louis University - coursework for advanced high school classes
Indiana University - BA Geography, Minor Spanish
Harris-Stowe College (St. Louis, MO)general coursework
St. Louis Community College - Associate Degree - coursework in various classes
Webster University - MA International Relations
Webster University - Completed all coursework for Secondary English Teacher
Organizations / Affilations:
Krista M is located in Honolulu, HI and has the following skills: Fluent in Spanish, French in reading and writing, Any grade from 3rd-12th and into beginning college, Scrapbooking and photo taking, National and International Travel, I volunteer for just about anything
Art / Creative, Non-Profit / Volunteering, Language / Translation, Education, Travel / Leisure
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My Skills

Fluent in Spanish, French in reading and writing

Category: Language / Translation
I have lived in Mendoza, Argentina and studied Spanish my whole life. I have had 17 exchange students from 11 different countries, so familiar with foreign languages and culture.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Middle and High School 6-12th gr Spanish, French and German College: Spanish Minor Extensive French coursework Overseas Study Argentina Spanish coursework at Master's level
Years Experience: 17

Any grade from 3rd-12th and into beginning college

Category: Education
I have worked in the education field for most of my life. My mother was a teacher and I would help her students with reading while I was still in High School. I continue to help students either for money or as a service. I have been a substitute teacher for every subject and every grade of K-23, both public and private schools.
Relevant Education / Credentials
BA Geography, Minor Spanish MA International Relations, Spanish coursework Completed all Master's level coursework for teaching Secondary English
Years Experience: 22

Scrapbooking and photo taking

Category: Art / Creative
I made my parents each a large 12x12 album of their lives 0-60 years old. My grandpa got to see his WWII album and his black n white family albums and his travel albums done before he passed away. I am learning to journal affectively to get the point across without being wordy. I can make almost any style of scrapbook and mine have very different looks. I do not do much "traditional" albums, mine are full of stickers, pics, cut outs, and lots on the page. I hate this concept now by CM about doing an album in less than an hour. If I want that, I will just push my pics into a regular album. This should require effort, love, stories, creative layouts. My friends and family are always surprised about how mine turn out so unique and fulfilling.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I have been doing scrapbooks for about 5 years. I have done black and white albums, travel scrapbooks,
Years Experience: 5

National and International Travel

Category: Travel / Leisure
I love to travel. Every summer of my life my parents took us on a road trip for summer break. My dad drove, stopped at all tourist spots and honestly I slept thru many of them as a kid. I have been to most of the National Landmarks. I have traveled out of country and lived for short times out of country. I loved Toronto, Canada but couldn't get legal. I loved Mendoza, Argentina, but couldn't get legal to live there either and fluctuating government is scary. My grandparents took me on my first cruise at age 13. I was taken to Pensacola, Florida every year of my life and my parents retired there. I have traveled by car, plane, Amtrak, Greyhound Bus as long as I can get there, doesn't matter.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Lifetime of experience
Years Experience: 30

I volunteer for just about anything

Category: Non-Profit / Volunteering
I have volunteered almost my whole life. I was raised to help others. I have served meals, donated goods, provided free employment, if someone needed something and I knew it I would help.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Experience and family values
Years Experience: 20