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Michael "Doc" Hewett

"Doc" spent 11 years in the U.S. Navy where he served as an AW, AO, and finished up his time as a HM. He spent over 5 years as a Security Specialist, doing time on Patrol, Communications, Special Investigations, and was part of 2 different Special Response Teams. He transitioned to being a Corpsman (Combat Medic) and he was attached to a Marine Corps Force Reconnaisance Company, where he was responsible for the health and safety of the team while it was doing all forms of Special Operations Missions.

He became a Civilian in 2001 and began working in the Middle East and Europe as a Private Military Contractor, working Static and Dynamic positions as a PSD Operator and Force Protection Specialist.

After returning to the States he took his experience and went to work at the Federal Air Marshal Training center in Atlantic city NJ teaching Advanced Pistol and Concealed Carry to the Federal Law enforcement Officers that protect our skies.

"Doc" is prepared to use his years of experience in the field and his "Podium" time teaching to make you a better Shooter.

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Florida Concealed Carry Holiday, FL
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Florida Concealed Carry

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I am a FL K license holder (#K290018) with a Military and Law Enforcement teaching background. I am an expert on Concealed Carry and have taught Federal Law Enforcement Officers and Military Security Specialists this misunderstood art. I also have an extensive background teaching Advanced Pistol techniques to all types of students from various backgrounds. If you want to get your FL CC license then contact me for availability. I can come to your place of business, or your home and we can do the class in a relaxed manner, then go to the range, and you're done. My classes exceed the FL requirements and give you the knowledge and confidence needed.
Call me and ask how to get your class for free! Classes are $55 (Exclusive of any Range fees, Ammo or Weapon rental)
Advanced and Custom classes available.
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FL License #K290018
Years Experience: 26