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Christopher Murphy

Thank you for your interest in the Stars & Stripes Flight School. We are excited to share our love for flying with you and our professional staff is devoted to developing you as the next private or commercial pilot.

We cater to people who want to pursue their Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI), and Certificated Flight Instructor Instrument Rating (CFII). If it is your intention to take the entire course, Private Pilot License through Certificated Flight Instructor Instrument Rating, the price can be reduced in two cases: the instrument rating portion can be completed during the Commercial Pilot License Course and for Helicopter Flight Training up to 15 hours of the Instrument Training can be completed in an Airplane. All Flight School prices are strictly based on the FAA minimum requirements.

Stars & Stripes can assist you by arranging financial aid to cover the cost of your flight training. We have also recently teamed up with The College of Southern Nevada and The University of Utah. These partnerships allow you to use your low interest educational loans towards CSN’s or UVU’s Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, and Instrument rating classes, affording college students an ability to earn elective credit towards a degree while flying planes or helicopters at the Stars & Stripes Flight School.

Stars & Stripes is open 7 days a week 365 days a year to accommodate for your life and work schedule. In most cases, you can fly more than once a day. Ground training can be done up to as many hours that you may want or need. The aviation industry is constantly growing, changing, and looking for pilots as there will be a shortage in both helicopter and airplane pilots, due to a large portion of pilots reaching retirement ages. For more information and employment opportunities, you can visit the following web sites: / / / www.flit

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Flight Training - Helicopter and Airplane Boulder City, NV
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Flight Training - Helicopter and Airplane

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Part 141 Fixed Wing and Part 61 Rotorcraft.
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