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My name is Brianna
I'm 15 years old
I do school at home and online
Last year I attended Lakewood High School
I really enjoy being around babies and kids
I hope to be a pediaric nurse when I get older
My favorite color is red
I will do anything it takes to ensure safety with little ones

Profile Summary:
Flexible Loving Babysitter Denver, CO
My Skills

Flexible Loving Babysitter

Category: Childcare
I'm 15 years old
American Red Cross certified
I have experience with kids from newborn to age 7
I have 5 years experience
References are available
I absolutely love children of all ages and gender
And I can guarantee your kid(s) would love me too
My hours are very flexible,
As I'm not in school(doing it online at home)
I will do whatever it takes to ensure safety with your little one(s)
Along with making sure they have a good time
Thank you for your time to read this.
Relevant Education / Credentials
10th grade
Years Experience: 5