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A few words about myself, i started getting fit a few years back. I was unhappy with my body and thought why not give the gym a try. So walked in and was so scared. Didnt know what to do or where to start. Soon i was working out with a great trainer she was happy and excited to trainer every day. I so wanted the drugs she was on. I was like everyone else didnt want to get stick thin, or have some muscles that looked not so girlie. Well a few months in i was hooked, i had the MRS attitude... which is Muscles R Sexy... and from there i wanted to be the one to help others get into shape and sweat and have that wonderful new outlook on life... So here i am trying to help others with what i can do..All i need is 21 days to help you get in the best shape of your life... and besides its free to just try.... A real work out not a cookie cutter training session that you get at the gym

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Fitness trainer Hutchinson, KS
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Fitness trainer

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Free, we all love something for free. I will give a free session to you for just trying a workout with me. Are you afraid to step into the gym because of all the fit barbie and kens. Well why not get into shape with me. Fun energetic all out home workout. No machines needed just fun everyday workouts. If you have 21 days and a will to change then give me a shot... remember its free...
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Ace certified
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