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Firearms Safety / Concealed Weapons Class

Category: Sports / Recreation
Basic Handgun Safety:

This class meets the state of Colorado requirements for a concealed carry license.
This course will cover the safe & proper use of a handgun, different operating types of handguns. We will also cover handgun & caliber selection, how to properly carry and draw the handgun, Colorado*s use of deadly force laws, and various shooting techniques.
This course is designed as an 8 hour class; 4 hours will be devoted to classroom and 4 hours at the range.

You will need:
1.)*Handgun either Semi -automatic or revolver
2.)*A holster designed for your specific handgun
3.)*150 rounds of ammunition
4.)*Spare magazine or speed loaders and magazine holder
5.)*Safety glasses and hearing protection
6.)*Note book & pen

Other courses are also available. for locationn priceing and class schedule call (970) 978-6728
Relevant Education / Credentials
N.R.A. Certified Instructor/Ex Military & Law Enforcement
Years Experience: 5