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I have 20 years of experience with Fiber Optic, Telephone and Data Installer skills in Whitehouse, TX. I also have 6 years of experience with stuntman/actor skills, 3 years of experience with Creative Writing skills all of which I also do in the Whitehouse, TX area.
My education and credentials include 8 Industry certifications includung AT&T, Lucent and Nortel.

Profile Summary:
Fiber Optic, Telephone and Data Installer Whitehouse, TX
stuntman/actor Whitehouse, TX
Creative Writing Whitehouse, TX
Believer Whitehouse, TX
Floor covering Whitehouse, TX
My Skills

Fiber Optic, Telephone and Data Installer

Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
20 year Telecommunications technician 40 states covered in Commercial and Residential Installation and Repair for both Inside Plant and Outside plant projects. I can fix your telephone or data jacks as well, the basics.
Relevant Education / Credentials
8 Industry certifications includung AT&T, Lucent and Nortel
Years Experience: 20


Category: Movies / Film
Much preperation takes place before even the most simple of stunts are performed. Safety is the most important element to a stunt. Proper training is essential. Working stuntmen are a VERY tight knit group, even after 15 years in the business consider yourself lucky to get a gig with a burn or motorcycle jump.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Stunts unlimited L.A. CA
Years Experience: 6

Creative Writing

Category: Writing / Journalism
poems published 6 articles on
Relevant Education / Credentials
master of reading comprehension
Years Experience: 3


Category: Religious / Spiritual
remember if not for the I AM we are nothing.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Biblical studies
Years Experience: 35

Floor covering

Category: Home / Domestic
Preparing a floor for linoleum is the most important step in that process. Stretching carpet until you can bounce a quarter 6" inches high dropping it from shoulder heigth
Relevant Education / Credentials
school of hard knocks
Years Experience: 7