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Offering A Woodland and Desert Survival Training Course, Real world experiance and up-to-date study. All levels from beginner to extreme refresher courses. These classes and field study programs are conditional due to extreme weather and temperate weather climates. We are intentionally working in extreme weather conditions and one must be in shape physically before attempting to apply with one of our programs.

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Extreme Woodland and Desert Survival Training Reno, NV
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Skydiving static/canopy and directional controlled flight HALO record jumping.
Extreme diving, PADI certified with operational experiance. SCUBA and SA.
Motivated people who enjoy and live or work near extreme woodland and desert climates where training in survival is a must. Generally people who are in very good shape physically especially if one was interested in our winter programs
as these are very intense training programs.
Work Experience:
Worked in several countries per military service and as a contractor for the DOD. Currently awaiting an opening on an offshore drilling platform as a derrick hand and AD (assistant driller)Diver-HardHat
6 credits remaining to complete a bachelors degree in energy engineering.
Organizations / Affilations:
Multiple, get to know me and earn my trust and I will tell you more, but most likely not. As for the civil groups, I am a member of the International Alliance of the Guardian Angels Safety Patrol Reno NV. I also coordinate an independant mounted/K-9 search and rescue group.
Christopher Davis is located in Reno, NV and has the following skills: Extreme Woodland and Desert Survival Training
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Extreme Woodland and Desert Survival Training

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Extreme Woodland and Desert Survival Training Course
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High School Diploma, any Boy Scout or prior military experiance, Background in farming and ranching.
Years Experience: 14