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Coach Ryan has been a certified personal fitness and wellness trainer for over 13 years and over 17,000 hours of personal training experience. Coach Ryan has dedicated his life to health and fitness and made it his mission to share his knowledge to everyone he comes in contact with. Coach Ryan understands there is so many misleading information out there that can be very confusing to most of us, so Coach Ryan has taken it upon himself to constantly learn and research independent studies done on the areas of holistic health, holistic nutrition, alternative medicine, fitness, natural movements, ecology, and good ol’ strength training. Coach Ryan brings a very dynamic method of training. He believes that there is one main cause for every health and weight issue…and that is “Poor Life Style Habits“.

“We, as humans, have taken the wrong path of living. Ever since our domestication we have become more sedentary in how we live. This sedentary lifestyle leads to weight gain, hormone imbalance, malnourishment, heart disease, diabetes, all cancers, and so much more.

The solution is simple…get back to how our great, great, great grandparents lived. Stay physically active, eat whole organic produce, and surround yourself with a positive peer group”.

Coach Ryan’s training experience:

* Trained clients from NFL athletes to expecting mothers
* Individual and group training
* Conducted nutritional and health lectures through out Houston
* Develop large scale programs to promote health and wellness for all ages and fitness levels
* Was the nutritional and fitness consultant for the Planet Smoothie franchise in Houston, TX
* Was the official fitness and nutritional coach for the Reconstructing Myself 2001 Contest
* Black Belt in Taekwondo and Aikido.
* 1st place teen division in the 1997 NPC Southwest Natural
* 1st place novice light weight in the 2007 NPC John Sherman Classics
* 2nd place novice light weight in the 2007 NPC Branch Warre

Profile Summary:
Experienced personal trainer and nutritionist Montgomery, TX
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I have found my purpose in life and that is to help and educate people on healthy ideal living.
Work Experience:
13 years and over 17,000 hours of personal fitness training.
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Coach Ryan is located in Montgomery, TX and has the following skills: Experienced personal trainer and nutritionist
Health / Fitness
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Experienced personal trainer and nutritionist

Category: Health / Fitness
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* Developing supportive eating habits
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* Focusing and improving upon all other aspects of your daily life
Relevant Education / Credentials
Crossfit Level 1 Coach AFAA Personal Trainer Clayton College Holistic Nutritionist
Years Experience: 13