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mark quinn

I am a poet with a B.A. degree in Child Psychology and a Phd. in Law. I provide tutoring in all subjects for children in elementary and secondary school. I am especially effective with children who are difficult to handle and/or disinterested in the learning process. My job is to turn a light on with them so that they find learning interesting and, after a short, no longer need my services.

Profile Summary:
Excellent Tutoring for Children K-12 North Miami Beach, FL
My Skills

Excellent Tutoring for Children K-12

Category: Education
I provide instruction in all subjects, except foreign languages, for children K-12 who are need help with their studies and/or have discipinary issues.
Relevant Education / Credentials
B.A. Degree: Child Psychology, Phd. in Law, Antioch School of Law
Years Experience: 1