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52 yr old male, grew up w/poor hard working parents in Vale Oregon. We were taught to work for what ever we wanted or needed. Grew up on working cattle ranch and farming in eastern orgon. We raised what we ate. I learned to run heavy equipment at a young age and always ran excavation equipment as a job. My wife and I have a small hobby farm, we raise our own beef, eggs and lots of vegatables. I refer to my self as a redneck-mother-earther. We try to be self sustaining and simple in our life style as can be. I love playing the guitar and have aquired alot of building and repair knowledge as i enjoy that aspect of the guitar. I also refer to myself as a"confused christian"
i.e....I belive the fudamentalist point of view of the gospel message ' I don't except the pluralist or ecimenical
approach to the bible... i function on many levels as a job as a compassionate person is to love and be compassionate to all of creation. Help those in need when ever we can but not by government forcing me to.I believe it is evil to only help those in your circle of friends...we need to assist any hurting person we come into contact with without asking questions I belive in a strong military but hate all wars.
I am more of libitarian christian in the sence of i believe the ACLU should cease and go away and us as civiliians work our own differences out through choice. We need to view ourselves as ambassadors of our country to each other and we can work out own diversity situations.

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Excavating Contractor Redmond, OR
Green Tech Excavation Redmond, OR
Guitar Redmond, OR
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guitar playing reparing and building, 25 yrs in wind power tinkering, welding, fabrication, mechanical drawing, alternative energy uses for heating and cooling, gardening and self-sustaining living, heavy equipment
Work Experience:
worked on working cattle ranch as a young person, work for the forest service in summer months while in high school, learned to build barbed wire fence over mountain ranges the old school way-miles of it.Excellent work experience, 30 yrs, with roadgraders, buldozers, excavators of all sizes, backhoes, skidsteer loader. Had a blasting licsens for several yrs. I have involved with green type heating and cooling for about 5 years because it fits into my existing line of work and i belive in it.
finished high school
1 yr Multnomah School of the Bible
Organizations / Affilations:
National Rifle Association
Mother Earth News
Other Power Magazine
Habbitat for Humanity
Edward VanWinkle is located in Redmond, OR and has the following skills: Excavating Contractor, Green Tech Excavation, Guitar
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My Skills

Excavating Contractor

Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
general excavting i.e. house site prep, septic systems, water lines , power lines. road building, decorative large rock retaining walls, rock clearing, tree removal, basic land sculpturing
Relevant Education / Credentials
DEQ lisence w/ updated certification insured and bonded
Years Experience: 29

Green Tech Excavation

Category: Technology
usuing ambient earth temperature for cooling with direct air tubes or buried water pipes that go through a heat exchanger, usuing hot air collectors to pump heated air to earth thermal mass below a green house or home additions for future use. these are more intended for cold weather areas.
Relevant Education / Credentials
experience: i got involved with wind power 25 years ago along with all forms of alternate energy sources, built my first wind power plant in 1982 and have since kept up on technologies of available products. My main goal is to work with the DIY type persons.My current projects include a 20'x 18' counter sunk earthberm green house that will utilize hot air collectors to heat the ground below the green house house starting in july.By the time cold weather hits here my 10 ton mass of dirt below the green house will be about 80 to 85 degrees and will help keep green house warm along with daily sun light hitting the collectors and the glazing on green house. This will allow another 45 to 60 days of green house use..My second project is i have a 3000 sqaure ft shop with pex pipe under the slab. I have experimented with 3 types of non-pressued wood fired boiler systems to heat the slab. I have already manufactured some easy to build solar collectors that will also put hot water in me slab heat...eventual goal is 75 % solar heat for my shop w/ wood as a suppliment in Feb. because we get alot of freezing fog at that time-very cold! Some years ago I discovered that by using a large car radiator as a heat exchanger(thats all a radiator is)hooked up to my buried pipes below my slab, i could turn my circulation pump on and use a box fan behind the radiator and i had a ground source heat pump for cooling. I am in the process to market this knowledge to the DIY who is about to embark on a buildig program.
Years Experience: 5


Category: Talent
Out of neccessity learned to repair
necks with bad "action", including fret floating/filing, fret polishing,
truss rod adjustments, neck alignment' bridge adjustment, intonation problems. In acoustic guitars I have repaired broken and loose interior braceing(my Martin D28 bounced out of the back of a vehicle a few years ago 60 mph and though in a Martin aluminum case serious damage did happen... I was able to fix guitar myself...I had to get brave enough to tear into it) I enjoy tinkering with electrics mainly.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Self taught through website "Guitar- Project, Stew Mac, Melven Hiscock books. Have been building tools and aquiring tools to be able to build a neck from scratch including shaping, truss rod install, fret board, fret install...everything from start to finishing. I have practicing on clean 2x4 neck banks to understand and work out difficulties. I am happy with results and am about to attempt a maple neck for one of my older Peavy guitars . My goal is to build custom electric guitars as a hobby. Building and wiring the body didn't seem very hard but to build a complete neck for me is a desire I want to do.
Years Experience: 3