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I am a Certified Evolutionary Astrologer originally from Chicago, Illinois, who has recently relocated to Spokane, Washington. I am married with a 2 1/2-year-old daughter. I am currently working on a book describing the soul's evolution through the projection of ultimate meaning individually and collectively, using not only evolutionary astrology but other sciences as well. As an evolutionary astrologer, I work with clients on a sliding scale basis in order to help them validate their personal reality and life circumstances with the overall intention of healing personal wounds and creating a freer future for themselves.

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Evolutionary Astrology Spokane, WA
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Evolutionary Astrology

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Evolutionary astrology is an art and a science that uses a practical methodology which, through observation and correlation of key points and planetary archetypes within the natal chart, reveals past life dynamics of the individual. Knowing what these past life dynamics are will describe the evolutionary and karmic dynamics that that particular soul needs to confront in order to move from karma (past choices) to dharma (one's personal truth) by making different choices. The evolutionary astrologer helps to validate the individual's reality in order to help them make different choices.
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Certified by Jeffrey Wolf Green, educated in psychology/philosophy
Years Experience: 20