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House of God’s Power, Children/Youth Ministries is a ministry catering to the needs of children and adults who want to work together as a family, using creative arts as a therapeutic alternative approach to verbal expression which helps reduce depression, anxiety, low-self esteem, stress and anger. In addition, we promote being self-sufficient with their happiness and income.

Our creative art is essential for each and every child and adult to be effective in discovering ways to keep happy and not allow situations of this life to keep them angry, lonely, depress and stressful.

“HOGP” teaches and trains children and adult together on how to entertain themselves and earn money as Clowns, Praise Dancers, perform Mimes entertainment and Steppers. In addition, we train children and adults how to enjoy, respect and work together while having fun in areas of Art with new, relative and timely information.

“HOGP” Ministries exists to edify the artistic members of the body of Christ via this ministry via workshops, seminars, conferences, and publications. We operate only on Biblical principles and we follow the example of ministry that Jesus taught and the Apostles set. “HOGP” Ministries promoted the visual aspects of Clowning, dancing, face painting as a form of therapy that seeks to minimize stress through creative movement of the body

Many have associated the creative arts in the church negatively by insinuating that the world has entered the church. Such comments are untrue if one would take the time to research the Scriptures and see that the creative arts have been established since the beginning of time. Satan has taken the beauty of the arts and perverted it to fit his scheme of things, and to try to destroy what God has established and created for Himself (Colosians 1:16). This cannot and must not be tolerated.

“HOGP” uses all SMALL registration fees, contributions, gifts, and donations designated for the ministry to support the outreach min

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